Monday, 30 August 2021

Gender, what the 'eck is it?

It’s a funny world. Especially in the West. Where we have hour long, nay, week long discussions whether we are male, female, or none of the above. Whole books are written with ideas of how to dress if you are born male but feel you have a vag*na. Whilst the rest of the world worries what to have for breakfast being the only chance for food for the day, we bluster on about same-sex. Whatever. But it is worrying when policies have to be produced such as the one in the Met (Metropolitan Police aka Scotland Yard – the London police) outlining in some detail what it is all about. The following makes it crystal clear what bobbies have to know and will probably have to sit an exam to see whether they are male, female, or non-binary. This is from their report:

There are three key aspects of gender:
Gender Identity – What gender the individual identifies with. • Gender Presentation – How an individual wishes to present their gender.
• Biological Sex – What biological markers (genitalia, chromosomes etc.) an
individual has.

Biological sex is largely assigned at birth, depending on the appearance of the genitals. Gender identity is the gender that a person ‘identifies’ with or feels
themselves to be, and gender presentation is how they wish to present their gender
to the outside world. While biological sex and gender identity are the same for most people, this isn’t the case for everyone. For example, some people may have male anatomy, but identify as female, while others many not feel they’re definitively either male or female. This disparity between sex and gender identity can lead to distressing and painful feelings that are called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition. It is not a mental illness. An umbrella term for people who do not identify solely with a single gender is “non-binary gender”.

Now that you know that, have a quick look in your pants to see which one you are. All Met officers apparently have to do this now. Besides there are to be discussions whether the uniform has to be non-sexist. Even Peter Thatchell has an opinion, God help us all. No difference between what men and women wear. It is beginning to look awfully like it has been depicted in some films and in books, a world where everyone looks the same. EXACTLY the same. Same clothes, same vacant expression. We might even end up in an enclosed space, an enormous bubble where humans live till 40 and then are done away with like in the 70’s film “Logan’s Run” (Michael York and Jenny Agutter). Only we cannot distinguish between characters as they all look exactly alike. So, who kisses who? I don’t know, it could be the cat. Even so, for police officers to have to go through this drivel is yet another nail in the coffin. It is sad that we have to pander to the opinions of an idiotic minority who will tell all and sundry how to live, how to dress, how to behave and also tell us whether we should be male, female or none of the above. Well, I’m male and I am damned if I will question my gender. But you can, just don’t tell me!

Monumental cock-up? Well eh...

Douglas Murray ( a British author and political commentator. He founded the Centre for Social Cohesion in 2007, which became part of the Henry Jackson Society, where he was associate director from 2011 to 2018. He is also an associate editor of the conservative-leaning British political and cultural magazine The Spectator) and today writing in the Sun newspaper has it exactly right. 

It is not just all the stories about cats being repatriated from Afghanistan and the thousands of citizens including Britons being left but as he wrote – This is the mother of all epic screw-ups! Make no mistake, this hasty withdrawal by both the UK and US has left an enormous legacy. Just making the Taliban the best armed organisation for some time! Armoured vehicles, heavy weapons, helicopters! 20,000 Humvees and on and on. The Taliban now has more attack helicopters than the British army! It is just as well Afghanistan has no sea borders otherwise it could have a navy outstripping that of France and Britain combined! Did you say ‘Monumental cock-up’? Yes? You are correct! The US left more war goodies than the British armed forces have today! And more soldiers! Thank you Mr Biden, well done, we need western leaders like that. 

Edit 31/8/21 - Just heard that  military equipment was made useless before leaving. Take it from me that if true, someone will repair it. Somehow or other when it comes to war people use anything that can kill. Made useless or not. There will be plenty of parts!

A good question to ask is – where in hell do we get politicians like that? The US is even worse than the UK. Raab and 90% of the UK government on holiday. Politicians have forgotten what government is all about. They seem to think that decisions affecting 68 million UK people or dealing with warmongering nations can be made whilst sipping a daiquiri cocktail beside a Greek swimming pool. Michael Gove apparently can run his government post on the dance floor of a London nightclub discussing government issues with all around. I had a lot of hope in the Conservative government, Boris looked like a strong leader. But I think after Covid he should have resigned. He looks wasted, a doddler, leaving the making of decisions to people like Cummings, at least he got rid of him. Well, we all know how this is going to end. Only, it will mean we once again will end up in the most almighty financial muddle as Labour flunked their Accountancy course again! Perhaps we should get the Green party into power. Oh, I’ll get my coat….

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Political drivel, what! Again? Really....

Surely, everyone now hearing the latest statement from Mr Biden will feel very safe and re-assured! Yes, according to BBC Ceefax News Mr Biden (for your information President of the USA) has declared unstinting support for those left in Afghanistan. Also and probably more interesting is the declaration that he would ‘Take appropriate measures’ if diplomacy with Iran fails’. This is about the continuing drive for atomic weapons by Iran. Another sound bite went a bit like this- ‘We will not forgive, we will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay, blah di blah di blah blah’. The words ‘incompetent, old geezer’ spring to mind. So, the US would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons? We’ll see. It is just another ‘sound-bite’ by the American president, something all politicians seem to love doing. The problem is, it stays at that. Action is not intended, it just makes the politicians look good and that they have their pulse on the problems of the world. Yeah, yeah, and we are in the worst scenario as far as the world is concerned. Do I highlight it? Climate warming, Europe incl the UK has had the warmest year so far recorded. Deaths in Germany from flooding. The polar icecaps melting as fast as they can, millions of tonnes lost every year (and that is an understatement). Rising sea levels threatening the low islands and atolls in the Pacific as well as all coastlines due to erosion. This is just for starters but bad enough already. UK politicians chortle on and on about supporting Afghans left behind but the reality is we cannot do a thing or at least very very little. Surely what we need is a strong look at the situations we face, cut the cr*p and start taking appropriate measures. You and me won’t like it, because our lifestyles will have to change. Travel will have to be curtailed. We need in this country a very hard look at how we want our environment to be. Stop listening to pressure groups, these are not elected people and only look after their own interests and not the general interest. So, Boris and Co, start thinking straight. If you think you are like good o’ Winston, well think again, you’re not yet. If you want to be, start talking hard sense and knock heads together.

Friday, 27 August 2021

Some thoughts about politics today...

The incompetence of our politicians is to say, quite remarkable. Take the Afghan situation where the US president without any thought whatsoever decides to withdraw from that country. Never mind the lives already lost with this escapade but also, as we have seen today, the lives lost in suicide bombings. Never mind leaving the way wide open for increased terrorist activities. In one way most of us would agree with Biden’s statements about that some wars just cannot be won and therefore it is time to call it a day. It is the manner in how ‘calling it a day’ is carried out. In the meantime we will just have to call back as many persons as possible. After the so-called deadline I am afraid the door will be closed. The US administration probably is as isolationist as they were before WW2. The problem with the US is they are only ruled by money. Look what they did to the UK during the beginnings of WW2. We had to pay or die. So, we paid until the Eighties. On top of that most of the western nations who had colonies, UK, Holland, Belgium, were forced to get out, through the policies of the US. Probably not a bad idea in principle but the speed of it left these colonies in the hands of extreme politicians, something that is still felt today! 
It is time that our politicians get a reality shower, the world after Covid has altered immeasurably. More and more people distrust the ramblings and activities of the political clique. Ordinary people know the situation pretty well but do not want their live-styles altered. So instead of having politicians who play along, we need politicians who look to the future but not through rose-tinted spectacles.Kowtowing and placating other countries does not work as was clearly shown before WW2. For instance if we value the ‘Special Relationship’ with the US, we need to clearly tell them that it works two ways! If the US ignores that, as seemingly is the case then the UK should just forget about it and although no longer a member of the EU make overtures to France and Germany and others. The focus of power has shifted, it has moved to Asia.

Friday, 20 August 2021

From woke to worse, to Raab... yeah I know...

Have you ever thought that this world is absolutely great? Sunny, warm, plenty of rain and the people are great? Yeah, I think like that from time to time. It makes me happy to dream. But in this country officialdom is absolutely not of the calibre you need for being a great country. A country that once lead the world. Unfortunately now today we are blighted by idiots who have power. Idiots like the management of some God forsaken theatre that shows some works of the great Shakespeare. But now those plays, like Romeo and Juliet come with warnings. Hahaha, would you believe it! Before sitting down you need to see a ‘shrink’ to see if you are mentally capable to watch a play with words like ‘I kill you’, ‘blood curdling’, ‘I don’t want to live without you’ amongst others. I hope that the local hospital will employ an army of psychiatrists. For the stronger of mind the card issued with a phone number is for if you need emotional support afterwards. I think I need emotional support just because I think ‘Why are all these idiots not going to h*ll? Like the prophets of old I am praying – God, why have you forsaken this world? The answer though is ‘I have not forsaken you – I want you to get up, stand up and start showing the idiots where to go’, it’s your world, your responsibility’. Simple? Yes it ought to be but it is not because the great silent majority is – yes you got it, silent. Like myself although I write this missive, I read newspapers, watch the BBC news (another newly WOKE organisation) talk to friends and just shake my head in disbelief. I attend a local church, an Anglican parish, there some great people there but mostly over 70! The question of where are the youngsters keeps cropping up. I did say and have done so for nigh on five years, we need to change the format. Less formal stuff, not doing the same thing every single week. Get some music in. Not just an organ. A band. Ditch the rows of chairs and put in some corner seating with a table. Get a coffee machine in. But the people just stare at you like it was thundering and I was hit by a lightning bolt.

So, today I am just saying, you deserve what you will get by your own actions. Just ask Dominic Raab what he will get. Going on holiday and not returning during the worst humanitarian disaster? Good work Dominic! I like it, just show what the new Brit man is like!

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

American heroes? Well, I eh.....

What did I tell you about Americans? Especially American politicians? Blimey, I am not always right but what can I say? Afghans were simply left to their own devices. No argument, just we’re going, and we’re going now. Not tomorrow or next week, no NOW. As a result some twenty years of promises, blood, death are all counting for nothing. You may ask what has been the point of all that? Yes, you may ask but the answer is there for all to see. America has lost its badge. The badge of ‘Fearless protector’. It was always a sham as the only reason Americans are worldwide is money. You may think good ‘ol Britain ransacked its empire for cheap goodies but at least we tried to install a modicum of proper government. It did not always work out well. Americans are just after the money. Well, what is likely to happen now? Back to the past? The Taliban are still the Taliban. Changed their views? No man, no way! Woman are going back to the kitchen, heavily veiled without any education whatsoever. The Taliban are basically a drawback to the early Middle Ages. In a way I understand it. It is the age-old man vs woman game. Looking at it from a UK perspective you notice that men have become weaker in attitude and are starting to apply night creams and wear thongs. Interesting, it’s the new western man. The Taliban are seeing this and woe and behold are now in the process of trying to conquer. Looking at it from a nature point, men are supposed to be the providers and protectors. Obviously, if men are too busy applying make-up then funny things can happen behind your back! I personally think that the residual hormones in our drinking water – because of the Pill women take and oestrogens are deposited in the resultant effluent. Meaning as we have heard a few times – Londoners drink water that has been drunk seven times already! So, I have been watching avidly if my breast is showing something? Or I’m losing my body hair. Just saying. So, yes, back to the Americans. Are they losing their mojo? Too much oestrogen? Only the future will tell. Let’s hope I am wrong but I’m afraid the signs are not too good!

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Hydrogen the bee's knees? Hmmm...

WE all should stand up and rejoice! The politicians have made decisions! I read the BBC News report (formerly known as Ceefax) stating that hydrogen power will be the kick start to a net zero carbon economy. But and as I keep saying, there is always a but. I am not a chemical engineer but I do know from my school days that when you burn something there will be ALWAYS a residue. So what about hydrogen? From a chemical report: Here’s an energy quiz.
Question: Do you think this statement is true? “Unlike fossil fuels, which emit planet-warming carbon dioxide when they’re burned, hydrogen mostly produces water”. 

Answer: false

Furthermore the gas and the utility industries in the US and now also in the UK have decided that combustion is how they want to use hydrogen – even if it is renewable created with solar and wind. They want to take that renewable derived “green hydrogen” and burn it, like we have burned oil and gas and coal for centuries. Contrary to the reporting, this new combustible alchemy is anything but emissions free. (from the Chemical Engineer).

H2 Combustion and NOx – The New Air Pollution Threat. What happens when H2 is combusted? Burning H2 does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. That is good news for the climate. However, hydrogen combustion produces other air emissions. The bad news is that H2 combustion can produce dangerously high levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx). Two European studies have found that burning hydrogen-enriched natural gas in an industrial setting can lead to NOx emissions up to six times that of methane (the most common element in natural gas mixes). Conventional hydrogen production using natural gas induces significant environmental impacts; as with the use of any hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide is emitted. From the Chemical Engineer).

These type of reports show that although emissions of heat retaining gases are reduced, pollution has not been reduced. Instead of emitting CO2 we now see increased levels of Nox (Nox-Nitrogen Oxide). This gas is just as damaging to health and the planet if not more so!

Again and again we see reports like that on Ceefax or the national news channels that purport to give a rosy view of a new clean world. Friends, as long as there are humans on this planet it will never be clean. We are not likely to go back to a forest existence, foraging for leaves and berries and starve in winter. I had to go to our local waste and refuse centre and took the scenic route, the amount of detritus alongside the road was something to be believed! People have a nice McDonalds and just throw the packaging and left overs out of the window going home. WHY? Only the Lord knows because I haven’t a clue! It is as I and others have said many times – humans are the scourge on this planet, especially the western world humans, Europe, North America and parts of India and China. We are drowning in rubbish and being poisoned whilst going on holiday! All in the name of ‘Civilised living’.

So, thanks to the usual governmental FAST thinking process we are just likely to exchange one poisonous method for another. Thank you, over and out.

Friday, 13 August 2021

Someone is thinking correctly...not here but in Holland.

Someone in the Netherlands seems to have been thinking about the world situation. I take my hat off because he/she was spot on. 

I translate – The problems that are reported, fires, droughts, floods in other words global warming are not problems that people are worrying about. The way most governments seem to deal with the crises, is "what crises"? The lobbyists of the energy sector, that is coal, oil and gas are still pretty powerful pressures. I am sure the Arab states will want to continue with pumping oil as long as possible. Look at how the holiday sector and the airlines are putting pressure on the government. You might want to think how our leaders, good or bad, can withstand that. Besides mentioning the present problems the writer also mentioned the follow-up problems. Heat waves of up to 50 Celsius becoming common in the Med. In our areas we will see 40 Celsius soon. It means the harvests are gone. So, get yourselves ready for queues miles long for bread, potatoes and more. Next problem, the disappearing insects. These are the basis on which most life depends. Already I have not seen the usual swallows in the Rhondda skies. Bar a few stragglers. But despite all of that people do not worry unless their own lives are in danger. People do not want to change their usual behaviour. You note this in the rush for foreign holidays. The writer even suggested that when family members were ill with Corona, others would not even change their behaviour, their modes of life. As a result and I do agree with the writer, our civilisation is doomed. It cannot continue simply because nature is and already has, changed. We are dependent on nature for all our food, all our living spaces, our air, our water. If it becomes short in supply or not even there, I leave it to you to think about how you would personally carry on. I would suggest, get some insurance and start digging the garden!

The News... is is bad or is it good. Whatever...

You know I look at the ‘News’ as I get up. Not sure why I do that because it is hardly uplifting is it? Fortunately there are good bits such as the fight against Covid-19 and the government’s handling of that issue despite some unfortunate U-turns and fuzzy thinking. But then we hear loads on what’s happening on the ice-shelf in Antarctica where another massive iceberg is calving off soon. Then the shooting of a number of people in Plymouth. It brings me to think that the mental pressures on some people are bringing them to a breaking point. You can see it even here in my Welsh backwater, people walking along suddenly erupting in some sort of slanging match, even hitting each other. Fortunately it is still a rare occasion. Watching the News also showed the situation in Afghanistan. 

Friends, what a mess that is. We went into that unfortunate country, flags flying, the Union Jack blazooned on everything we brought and we helped the government there to stabilise the country. Although stabilising was not for the 100% as there has been some sort of war there ever since the planet was formed. Why does Britain think to be a lackey of the US? It is a bit like Batman and Robin. Batman “Hey Robin, let’s go and get these nasty Eurabs and show them a bit of civilisation”. Robin “ Sure Batman, just loving your tights”. I have to say though that Biden is correct in saying that we cannot indefinitely be the policeman on the block. The Afghan people themselves will have to decide how they want to live. If that means to fight for their freedom, then so be it. How many nations have been in there? The Indians long ago, Britain twice, Russia, the US. But this withdrawal now will have repercussions. The poppies will grow again, heroin will flood Europe once more. The nasty people of the world are rubbing their hands. Just hoping that all of Europe and that still includes us here, have plans to deal with the thousands on the move soon. Boris, I’m just saying.... start thinking.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

From Royalty to how are we going to charge our cars?

What are the chances of the good ol’ UK becoming a republic? Or worse, just falling apart in three or four separate nations? Separate, meaning they would not be aligned in a federation? Interesting question, no? Well, look at the top family holding us together, although not very well if I may say. When the Queen has to go as we all have to at the end of our lives, then I think the choices are pretty grim. Prince Charles, an OK chap of course but his private life was a bit of a mess, from which he may or may not recover. I leave Prince Andrew because he now faces an American court before long. As far as I can see he is already doomed. Then the so-so chap Harry, bit of alright him but his wife is something else. American, what can I say? Yes, the Royal family has a hard time of it, so thanks for William and his family. They by far are the ones who can save the nation! Welcome King William V.

Besides all of that, interesting as it may be there are bigger problems to talk about. The continual drivel emanating from Westminster, yes you got it, the government! They just cannot get their heads around the problem of global warming and what to do about it.

Some of the ideas emanating from these hallowed rat-infested buildings are to be believed to come from professorial people. My ar*e, they come from half-wits employed as government ministerial aides, the Civil Service in other words. Ideas like heat pumps, things no-one can afford and they only work in temperate climates of between 18-20 degrees Centigrade. In winter it just switches off. Then we have ideas about the wonders of hydrogen, the most flammable gas of all time, just look at the German Hindeburg dirigible! But American research says that the gas when being burned emits methane, a gas even worse than carbon dioxide for warming up the atmosphere. Then we hear we will go all-electric. Yes, good idea but where is all that electricity coming from? We will build more turbines, yes all over, everywhere. We will dam all our rivers, every house shall have a windmill in the garden. We will charge our cars from our homes. Cables all over the pavements and court cases for compensation of broken arms, legs, heads from people falling over them. Friends, take it from me, our government has just not got one idea how about to solve the problem. Frankly no other government in the world has either.

I have been a racist because I had a curry? Noooh, really?..

Ah by Jove, they have got woke idiots in America as well. Blimey, can it get any worse? I promise this has legs, in other words we haven’t heard the last of it yet. Now some clever so and so, has decided that the word ‘Curry’ is racist! Cor blimey. Friends, please let us all do ourselves a favour and do not report it any more. Let these half-wits steam in their own curry! As was said why bother and so what if these words, names of food are not English, British, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Dutch or whatever else. Curry to me is one of those great foods I like. I don’t want it to be called Indian goo. Is it not time to stop reporting hat rubbish? We need to change the use of the Internet. For a start what is absolutely necessary that before you join you need to show who you are. I know that might be difficult because you could use Internet cafes but the system does need changing. I think something like the Yubi key system need employing. These are personal and can be carried around! But before getting to the Internet you will have to insert the key into a USB2 (or 3) slot and away you go. You are identified. The key has a code that will be known by all those companies you have registered with. I am sorry but to make it safer we must adopt something like that, so let's make it compulsory. Just indicate which organisation or company you want to reach. Say like Google. Put in your password, this does not have to be 100 characters long because even with your password being stolen the culprit has no key. Next you are asked to insert your Yubi (or similar) key and Bob’s your uncle. That’s all. But you have yourself identified and that’s enough. It’s one way to beat the Chinese, the Russians and about everyone else. We just need to change this free-for-all. And also we need to educate ourselves better ho0w to use the Internet. If you are too old to understand then ask for help from a proper organisation. Or family if they can be bothered!

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Where did it all go wrong Greensill?

Sometime ago, way before Brexit even started I said that David Cameron, then the Prime Minister was one of the worst we have had. He was of the kind that did not mind the foggy type of politics. Remember the “ I have changed the EU” bit? Then he followed this up with the national referendum because he was convinced the nation was with him. You could ask whether he was deluded or who his advisers were? And so he left in some disgrace. Today we can see, read and hear about his poor judgement. It is the Greensill effect. In short, after he left government he allegedly started working for a friend at an investment bank. It seems they needed billions of investment, presumably from rich individuals who apparently trust any politician, even past prime ministers. So, Mr Cameron was seemingly appointed as someone responsible for lobbying the new government, its ministers and other important political nutters. All with the intention of acquiring government support and money as grants or similar. Obviously his so-called friend thought Mr Cameron the bees-knees, who else had a previous prime minister as a lackey? Quite naturally, as all politicians do and say, is that everything was jolly and completely above board. Yet let’s look at the above board bit – Mr Cameron was working for an investment bank, he did contact government, letters and emails have been seen. In truth they show exactly what the purpose of them was. Then suddenly the bank went belly-up. Gone, bye bye, see you later alligator, not in a while crocodile. Billions gone as well. Where? Good question, paid for the next Mars shot perhaps? An investment opportunity with Mr Trump? Or Mr Cameron has organised two billion Covid-19 vaccines at cost price for the Antarctic Eskimos. Well, the case rumbles on but the stink precedes it, there are quite a few angry people I’m sure. If I was Mr Cameron I would emigrate fast, one of the Greek islands perhaps? As I said before, he was a so-so PM and as it turns out his judgements in private life are of the same quality.

Note: For the educated British people - There are NO Antarctic Eskimos. Eskimos live today in Moscow and help Vlad the Impaler obtain ice cubes for his 100 proof Vodka.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

A dirty smelly exposition of failure....

Sometimes you might read a sad exposition of human life on TV. I read the BBC Text service daily, some of it is drivel but nevertheless you can pick up news that has happened recently.

And so it was revealed that swimmers in Wales should be extremely careful to swim in the Welsh rivers. Why? Well, the short report stated that during the pandemic raw sewage was dumped 100,000 times into the water courses! For nearly a million hours of time. But of course politicians burble on about these things in a calm but apologetic manner. You know the kind – “Father tells you it’s alright baby, don’t you worry your little head about it now”, whilst smoking a fat cigar and quaffing a glass of Bollinger champagne. And so the Welsh Labour government stated that 46% of the rivers were good. Good? Not excellent? Fish swimming in them? NO? Well, what were those brown things then? Oh, not brown trout. Friends, 46% is less than half! It is a terrible assertion of failure!

As a matter of fact I live close to a medium sized river, it runs next to our garden. From time to time I do see toilet paper rushing by and when it rains heavily the road run-off needs to be smelled! Also there is somewhere in town where sewage overflow occurs. I have walked along the river bank and know where there are outlets into the river, presumably from homes that let sewage flow into the watercourse. Yes, I know this is 2021 but in some places in Wales we appear to be still living in Victorian times. Friends be careful when you walk down the Rhondda streets the contents of a chamberpot could land on your head! You have been warned!

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Trolling is fun, or is it?

Are you fed up yet? Have you had enough of it all? Want to go on a holiday in the sun but you have been pinged? Ha, ha, join the world of the intelligent doom mongers called Ferguson, Cummings or whatever. Look people, Covid is a disease. Like flu is a disease. What do we do with that? Simple, we make antibodies fast. But that will only work well if we are healthy in the first place. You want to be a smoker? Your BMI is over 30? Sorry, you do not make the grade. In any case diseases like Covid have no objection to attacking anyone, healthy or not.

Well, talk like this do not make a person better. It sounds like I am wanting to be a troll. At least the beginning of a troll. Did it make me feel powerful? Maybe a little, sitting on my own behind a computer because no-one is watching me? I can say what I want. But is that really true? Yes in a way, precisely because no-one is watching me. But would I be courageous enough to say these things out in the open? To someone’s face? Actually, for myself I have done so but always much more measured and careful. After all I am a member of a national political party. The facts are that trolls have lost their sense of reality, their perception of the world. They live in a world of make-believe, a world that has materialised in their heads, their brains. It may well be that in the past they were bullied. 

When I was much younger I was bullied. Until one day in the middle of a class room I stood up, faced the culprit and smacked him a full one on the jaw. Did the male teacher throw me out? No, he said ‘That was a good upper-cut’ and stood me in the corner for the remainder of the lesson. Problem was that for the next two weeks I had to have a cast on my wrist for I had chipped a bone. Do I advocate this way to deal with bullies? Well, yes for me it worked, it might not for others. In the end you would have to look how people, and yes kids as well, behave. Life is actually a violent affair. It seems an inborn trait to dismiss weaker individuals, it is a survival instinct. Weaker beings slow down the tribe. Make it weaker and susceptible to annihilation. No smudge of civilisation veneer hides it. We can control it, and to control it we need to understand it. The weaker ones today have the computer and that is the uppercut they now use. So, I would say go out, and hit a wall somewhere or join a boxing club. Moreover, stop believing you do matter. You do not.

Friday, 6 August 2021

Is Guantanamo Bay fit for purpose?

Like loads of people I buy some things from Amazon. I do quite a lot of repair work on my property and I find Amazon has most of the things I need without me having to go outside to the large stores. As a matter of fact it is difficult to get in there due to Covid. But as it happens to get out of the plentiful delivery charges I joined Amazon Prime. It gives Kindle books, films to stream and other things. So I looked at what films are available and frankly most are crap, second rate rubbish that did not even gross a few hundred dollars I suppose. Although searching you will find a jewel or two. Last night I locked in ‘The Mauretanian’. A film based on true happenings. It is a heart-rending account of an Arab person being incarcerated in the American folly called Guantanamo Bay for 14 years! Whilst I can understand American feelings after 9/11, I fail to understand how the American constitution allowed indefinite detention WITHOUT trial, and worse, torture practices. These were depicted in this film and it was horrific! Is this the same America that fought WW2 because of vile dictatorships, human suffering and freedom? I suppose there is no government in the world that is completely clean. They all have something to hide. You may ask why but all I can say it seems to do with keeping power and influence. That’s the same as Britain acquiring its empire during the 17 and 1800’s. America has done it differently, it became the world’s policeman and has made the same mistakes as all police forces can do. It is basically human failure to do the right thing. When you’re wrong admit it and right it. The Mauretanian was not even guilty of terrorist activity but he did train for a brief period with Al Queda and had met during his stay for education in Germany with one of the pilots who flew into one of the Trade Center buildings. It seemed circumstantial evidence but it was enough to classify him as a terrorist in American eyes. The film is not too clear as to how he was taken because he lived in Mauretania. But again collusion between government agents seemed to have been the case. What was incredible that even after all that happened to him he was helped to withstand the most horrific torture, beatings, waterboarding, by his faith. After seeing this film it has only strengthened my aversion to American politics. The duplicity of politicians and the ‘following orders’ mentality. America? The US needs to be careful it is not following Nazi Germany from the past...

Seeing that film showed the depravity of humans, humans who did not object to carry out the vilest of practices to get a confession. The problem is how do you value a confession obtained through torture? Just asking... 

Thursday, 5 August 2021

A damning view....

It is rather incredible that loads of people have no idea at all about what climate change really means. What we see and hear or read is about half-baked ideas, mostly by politicians, which are then discussed briefly before a U-turn is performed. If I were the Cabinet in Westminster I would start to listen very hard to the qualified scientists who have been mentioning this problem for years! I do not think the politicians or rather the government has an enviable task! Because we are nearly 70 million strong in the UK and probably that means 70 million different opinions. Ah, of course we may discount youngsters. The data displayed in Wikipedia says that ages 0-15yrs represent nearly 20% (actual 18.9%) but we might have to increase because of immigrant children. So, 20% of 68million – 13.6million.. Therefore we can argue some 55million adults should be considered to have an opinion. That’s probably not quite true of course, because even for myself I know quite a few number of people who have no opinion about anything. Let’s arguably say that 25% can be discounted as well, leaving 55million-13million, 42million articulate people. The question then is how many are concerned about climate change? Well, I suspect the number is continually changing as more and more get to hear about it AND see the effects of that in parts of the world. Let’s make no bones about it, the climate IS changing and fast! More and more people are being affected, floods, heat waves, with consequential effects on agriculture and extinction of species. AS there should be no doubt that this problem is of human origin, we are the only species that can possibly do something about it. 

But as the doing something about it will affect loads of people, you will see the problem we have. Work will be affected, car driving, taking foreign holidays, living space, in real terms most of our daily lives will have to change. We will have to get used to less! These are the things that politicians will have to deal with. To hear that loads of MPs of all parties are backtracking on certain parts of plans like banning the sale of petrol/diesel cars by 2030 is criminal. In fact these cars should be banned today! But as I recognise, that too is not easy to do, in fact impossible without wrecking the economy. Nevertheless we must, it is imperative, do something. So, let’s begin. I am happy to learn that primary schools as well as higher are talking about climate and global warming in quite some detail. So those who will come into the mainstream will be the movers. It is sad to say that my generation have been abject failures. Moreover will go down in history as the biggest wasters of all time!