Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Yes, what about the News?

Has anyone ever noticed the daily news on the BBC or for that matter on ITV as well? It is like a never ending feast of organisations reporting how bad they are dealt with. Invariably the main gist is, we need more money! Well, yes so do I. This is not news, it is just reporting the sorry state of management across all these sectors of business. When you look at a lot of these organisations you find the salary levels of the top people unbelievably high. It was reported some time ago that the CO of a well-known charity trousered over £150,000 per annum. Nice work if you can get it. When challenged about that the usual words coming back to you are ‘You have to pay top whack to get the best people!’. Excuse me, best people? Why then is your organisation in financial trouble? The levels of charitable giving are pretty stable in this country, it can go up or down pending the occasion. Like for instance when a natural disaster strikes, Aberfan or a hurricane or something like that, then charitable giving peaks. But management needs to be very aware of trends and as they say, ‘Cut the cloth according to its width’! Perhaps it is time to have a sharp look at salary levels, in particular the white collar top!

But the real news of which you hear very little is the Afghan situation. It seems that all the effort, the money spent, the dead bodies, were all for nothing. Despite our commanders stating that we did not lose the war, I am afraid we did lose the war. The Taliban will once again rule with bloody hands. So, this time send the Chinese. That will be fun to see how they will fare, how good they are on the real battlefield! Did anyone say, the world has gone stark raving mad? Friends, it has always been stark raving mad!

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