Monday, 5 July 2021

Why not have some cosmetic surgery again?

Anyone thinking Katy Price (aka Jordan) has lost the plot? Interesting reports in the national rags saying she’s had (again) cosmetic surgery. I would say this woman is courageous in some silly way. To undergo liposuction, face lifts, and bum injections with fat all at the same time, she deserves a medal!

But how about this, get all that done in Turkey! No doubt at a reduced price. You know what the Turks are like. Perhaps this will put meaning to one of our sayings – she has a screw loose. Blimey, just waiting reports then of one of Katy's legs falling off. OK hope she will recover and not have after effects like sagging boobs, fingers that no longer bend, permanent eyelid paralysis, and lumpy stomach because the fat has not been taken out properly and uniformly. Well, what do you expect at these sort of discounted rates? For all we know it was the beggar from the corner outside that performed the operations?

Does anyone think, like myself, that cosmetic surgery like that described above should be banned? Unless there are medical reasons? Or dangers to health? I have no objection to surgery performed to help those that have had burns or severe accidents, that should be done if at all possible but for women’s desire to have glowing skin, a bum seven times too large, or t*ts that would kill you if she turned suddenly? Nooooo! Besides all of that, I would definitely not go to Turkey to have cosmetic surgery. Even though they give you a free holiday with it. I’d rather trust the excellent education and professionalism of the British surgeons.

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