Friday, 16 July 2021

Who was Hancock again?

The righteous furore in the national press (The Sun on this occasion) leaves a sour taste. Why? It is about the (in)famous ex Secretary for Health, Matt Hancock. He was recorded kissing his amour (his personal aide, not his wife). Along with half the UK’s population who were doing the same (if they could). However, there are some unpalatable issues about this affair. The whistle-blowing has some dark edges. First of all, it was already well-known that he had an affair with his aide. Well-known in political circles. So, he should have been carpeted by the Prime Minister or whoever else is in charge of public behaviour within the Westminster political bubble. The problem though is that he had made his position difficult as he publicly ordered the whole population to abide by the rules enforced because of Covid-19. He himself forgot those whilst in the throes of passion! That and a few other gaffes made him a bit of an idiot. Well OK so far, in should have stepped the PM and sacked him but he didn’t. No-one knows why. In the end sexy Matt tendered his resignation. But now the IO (Information Office) is chasing up the person(s) who gave the recording from an office security camera to the national press. That frankly is correct, these cameras are for security purposes, not filming trysts! If what was filmed was such a mind blowing national security issue then there are watchdog people enough (like the Whips) in Westminster and Mr Hancock should have simply been got rid off. This, in the way it was done, smells of someone or other in the office wanting rid of Mr Hancock but in the most public of ways! Whether instructed from on high or not, they wanted to demonise Mr Hancock and were quite successful in that effort. So, I applaud the IO trying to find the culprit(s). Whistle-blowing is a fair activity but on this occasion quite wrong. If we are going to whistle-blow every sex scandal we will be busy till 2199 to read the newspapers full of sordid but funny details! No, this just sounds of dirty underhand political machinations. So, step up those, him or her, who gave the recording to the papers. I want to know the in’s and out’s! Otherwise I won’t sleep another night!

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