Sunday, 18 July 2021

Thinking about possible solutions.....

When everything has been said (or not, as the case may be) the fact remains that we, as humans, are woefully unprepared to combat global warming. The problem as usual, is that not many of us are prepared to change our lifestyles. I believe that this is the case in the western world. Particularly so in western Europe! How would we do it anyway? We have 67million plus inhabitants in the UK alone, of which some 32million are employed. It can change but it seems a figure that recurs. The occupations that would be under severe stress would be those concerned with transport, travel, if you want to curtail CO2 emissions quickly.

Obviously just saying that we would have to accept that because of transport loads of other occupations and activities would be affected. Food transport, shipping, aircraft ie holiday travel. It would take some thought but something must be done, somewhere we have to start. Moving into completely electrifying transport will be of help. Transport hubs will need to be set up, electrifying the rail system and enlarging the network. There would be no petrol or diesel cars, and lorries allowed in cities at all. Transport hubs must be outside the city perimeters and inward transport carried out by electric vans, no exceptions. Steps must be taken to see whether coastal lagoons can be set up in order to generate electricity. One of these plans is still being investigated, the Swansea Bay barrage. Also the Cardiff Bay dam could be adapted quickly. House building should be carefully planned as green spaces are absolutely necessary and need to be expanded. Fossil fuel burning to be banned within two years. Trees to be planted where possible. Population expansion should be controlled as much as possible. Just to make this clear, this needs to happen WORLD WIDE!!! But it is to be expected that much unrest will follow. There will be demonstrations, as we can already see. There are simply too many people who do not want to change their lifestyles. Rich or poor, people tend to be pretty conservative. Yes, so am I but I think about my children and now grandchildren and even future generations, should they have to suffer because of our mistakes and unwillingness to change? The situation we are in is akin to the beginning of World War Two! We shouldered that, so this time it should be somewhat easier as no bombs are falling.

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