Thursday, 8 July 2021

The cost of going green? Yeah, only a few trillion....

It was reported that the cost of going green could be as high as £1.5 trillion. Just pocket money then. Actually that equates with some £20,000 per citizen in the UK. That is £1,500,000,000,000 divided by 67,000,000. No problem for me then, I have that money ready stashed away in a small tin in the kitchen cupboard. We need to ask some questions though, are we the fair citizens supposed to pay for the government's delays and prevarications on this issue? Besides all that, how is this costly sum calculated? What does it entail? Just coming up with such ludicrous statements is not particularly helpful. I think that by now we are all aware of the damage that global warming is doing and still will be doing, ask the unfortunate citizens of western Canada. Frankly, if the government here is thinking that all will be well if we all drive electric cars they will need to go back to school. Making electric cars is just as problematic with the release of CO2 in the production processes. The batteries needed use cobalt, a rare mineral found mostly in the Congo. What do you think is going to happen? I will tell you, first of all the Chinese are already trying to corner the process of controlling the excavation and manufacture of the batteries, secondly the rainforest will be a goner. So, who is saving CO2? No-one, it is just as bad as it was if not more so. There is only one way to reduce CO2, well maybe two. First we need to curb our appetites and human expansion. That means looking at all production, in particular goods we do not need. Driving and flying must be reduced to pre-war levels. Secondly we will need to find methods to capture gases like CO2 and methane, CO2 is part of the earth’s cycle of life. But like everything else there are balances to be maintained. These balances have been greatly disturbed by humans. We now need to rectify them. Methane could be used as a fossil fuel although it produces CO2 albeit half as much as coal does. But to get methane in the quantity needed means drilling the seabed and that might release methane deposits which are 20 times more powerful than CO2 as a global warming gas. So, not really a good solution. I am afraid humans having caused the problem need to solve it themselves. Let’s get on with it!

ED I am not a scientist but I think and even if my opinions are not heavily scientific I believe the main crux of the argument is correct.

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