Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Snowflakes at it again.......

Snowflake Central (London) has come up with yet another snow storm. They have now decided we are no longer capable to judge our own film preferences and have upped the classifications. Bambi now is classed as 18 and over because dad gets killed in the bushfire and there are those dastard hunters trying to kill everything. Cinderella now will be classified as 15 because those sisters aren’t nice you know. Am I permitted to ask whether we have gone absolutely and certified stark raving bonkers? Can someone tell Snowflake Central that people actually do die? That death and aggression are part of this world’s make-up? I am not sure what they teach in schools nowadays but it does seem iffy! My grand-daughter who is below 10 has to learn about sex and relationships. What the f...? What happened to a carefree youth? There is something unpalatable going on in this country, can someone also have a word with those who are coming in by boats from France to not bother? Unless they have had at least a year’s education in whether they are actually male, female or non-binary. Anyone who has had a sex-change is welcome immediately and may receive a £10,000 handout plus a four-bedroomed mansion in the countryside. Yeah, that’s the UK today. God help us all.

Even so, we will have to start thinking a bit more about what life is all about. Nature itself does not care a hoot whether we live or die, the rules are simple. It is not complicated. It is that the make-up is complicated. Being a snowflake does not help either, in fact makes it much worse. Being a snowflake is akin to not understanding what life is all about. Not understanding the physical and mental make-up of the human being. But above all, not understanding the relationship that living beings have with the environment. How dependent we all are on the environment. Time then to let the snowflakes melt. Let the harsh sunlight shine on them and so hopefully will disappear without a whimper.

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