Friday, 16 July 2021

Scammers abound, everywhere. Watch out....

The scams that are around, the number is quite astounding. Martin Lewis (the finance guru often on BBC TV was answering a query from Eamonn Holmes about a Royal Mail message that said a parcel was waiting because a small charge needed to be paid. Only £1.99. I had something like that as well but it was an Amazon parcel who used Hermes to deliver it. HaHaHa, people must be thinking we are stupid. But you know what, people ARE stupid and too many fall for that one. First of all, the Royal Mail do not send out messages like that AT ALL. If a parcel cannot be delivered they put a note through the door and with that you can either select another day or take it to the nearest sorting office and pay if there is a charge. From my own experience they accept cards too. If there are charges you will have to go to the sorting office as postmen do not usually collect money. So, simply this, these messages are scams, 100%. Also Amazon will already know your details and would not contact you in this manner AT ALL. If you deal with Amazon you will have an account. The price you have to pay has already been paid! Simply because they have details of your cards already. Other delivery companies are paid by whoever sends the goods. There are NO surcharges! So, what happens if you fall for this scam, as thousands apparently are? You will answer this email and you will see a realistic looking company form. This will ask for your details and yes, obviously your credit or debit card details! Guess what happens next? If you’re lucky your credit/debit card provider might ring you to check purchases it has detected that are not the usual type you make or the amounts are unrealistically high. If they do not ring you, I am afraid because you have VOLUNTARILY given your financial details, you will be liable to pay. This could be hundreds or even thousands of pounds. SO, best just to delete these emails, isn’t it?

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