Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Intolerance? What is that....

One of the questions that seems to arise today is – Are young adults the most intolerant and woke people? Some research indicates that indeed young adults, that is to say below 25, are very intolerant of opposite views. That is rather interesting as this is something that happened in Germany as well and evidently gave life to the Nazi party. As a matter of fact intolerance can be found in far left or far right political parties. Just remember the Corbynista take-over of the Labour party. Fortunately for us living in the outer extremities of the great UK, as for instance Wales, it has been confined to London or Wokestan as I call it. The once great Labour party in Wales has been emasculated but it is still alive, just. Of course the right side of politics has its violent activists as well. It is funny though we supposedly live in a democracy but with politics so sharply divided we could well be termed the new Russki nation. Perhaps we should name that political streaming, soft communism. However, back to the youngsters, it seems that relationships between couples also tend to break up if one of the partners expresses a different view. Well, I have a very great difference of views, political in particular with my wife who is more liberal. Not woke liberal whilst myself is more argumentative and is tending to say ‘I am always right’. Silly I know. But I live by two rules as shown of the wall in my study ‘Rule 1 – H. Is always right’, ‘Rule 2 – If H. Is wrong, see Rule 1’. This never fails.

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