Wednesday, 28 July 2021

From a dog to social media...

Hullabaloo, what’s going on babe? I hear you ask... Well, nothing much that you don’t already know. The various reports on the Corona virus beating a retreat from humans (I want to do that as well, if I could), the continual U-turns by the government AND their advisers, those brilliant scientists. Mind you, there are different opinions on that and people wondering where those scientists got their degrees from. Recently I was talking to a friend who thought that Home Economics had now included medical subjects like virology and how to kill bacteria and viruses with something called Domestos, but I digress. Then we learned to my inevitable amusement that the PM’s dog Dilyn has been caught ‘humping’ every leg he can find. No wonder the dog cannot attend the weekly meetings in Buckingham Palace, I’m sure. By the way the PM’s attempt to speak a bit of Welsh does not go as far as the dog’s name. Dylan would be the correct spelling. Yep, that’s my question for Prime Minister’s Question Time in Parliament. Dilyn in Welsh is a verb meaning ‘to follow’. Well, the dog surely follows his instincts! Problem is everyone’s legs are in the way!

Now I had thought that the Rooney’s had drawn a line under their behaviour and would be excellent citizens from now on. You know the type I’m talking about, steady, glasses on nose reading the national sleaze in the papers whilst drinking the morning coffee. I always liked to read about Wayne’s wonderful life-style, money rolling in for very little effort, screaming girls who are desperate to marry you and on a Saturday scoring a few goals. Great stuff. I can only dream about that now, I missed my chance. Go to church every Sunday, do the garden and stare at the night sky thinking where is God. But enough about me, and then we look at Rooney’s wife, the long suffering Coleen. Long suffering? My *rse. She is one lady who knows which side of her toast is buttered. She needs that because I am afraid her world might yet collapse all around her. If she loses her court case with another footballer’s wife it could cost her (and the hubby) thousands. In the meantime let’s hope sense prevails. Although sense in today’s Britain is pretty hard to find. You would not believe what that is actually all about. Something stupid on social media. Why bother? As it is, if you put things on social media, everyone under the sun can read it and comment. Fun, fun, fun (and a headache at the same time).

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