Monday, 12 July 2021

Football? What is that....

Football. what is it? Oh, just a game. But if you watch the news this morning (12/7/2021) you would think the world had come to an early end! England lost on penalties (again).
To Italy and at Wembley, the national edifice to the game in London. You could ask but I'm not asking, what is it about penalties and the England team? But it is true, there will be only one winner at the end. That is the way it is. Although I strongly feel that to get as far as a major final, is already a winning place! To get that far against some of the best teams in Europe (as it is an European competition and not worldwide) is an accolade of excellence.

It is therefore galling to hear about the abuse levelled at the three young players who missed penalties. That is grossly unfair. It is not the three players who missed, but the whole team. That's how the game plays, as they say. So to the 19 year old Saka, and the brilliant Marcus, well done boys. There will be more times to show your excellence with the round ball! As I am of Dutch extraction I know how the game can go. From my youth I have seen so many defeats and wins, especially against the Belgians which were real 'We'll show those patat (chips) munchers how the game is played!' games, but quite a few times we didn't. Now I'm living in God's own country, Wales known to me as Cymru. The losses again mount up but there again, I also watch the rugby and feel a bit better. Hurrah and all that. So, the pain will pass people, let's look forward to the World Cup in a year's time and believe we can get to the final again! Against Germany our old friends and win on penalties! And that is just Wales of course!

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