Friday, 16 July 2021

Calamity because of idiot politicians

You have got to laugh but it is just tragic how politicians, those halfwits, have failed their populations. Record rainfall has devastated large areas all over Europe. Particularly Germany, Belgium and now also the Netherlands. Three massive rivers have their outlet into the North Sea, the Rhine (Rijn), Meuse (Maas) and the Scheld (Schelde). All are in flood. We all are now pretty well aware why these things have happened. These are well-known facts, warmer air holds more moisture and is more active! That is it in a nutshell. The planet has been warming up for a long time now. But our politicians just do not believe it or want to know. For fear of economic collapse. Even now the UK government said that people should fly, they do not need to reduce flying as technology will solve the problem. Yes, that’s the ‘intelligent’ opinion of our government, you wouldn’t believe it but it’s true. The Advisory Climate Change Committee did tell ministers that the nation was even more unprepared for extreme weather than it was five years ago (as reported by the BBC). Friends, I think with leaders like that, we need to order our life insurance, except who are we going to leave the money to? Governments being too afraid to make the harsh decisions. I can understand that but frankly it is time unless it’s already too late because the warmer climate is now not just because of car driving or flying. The developing world cutting down the rain forests, worse burning (!) it and because of the warmer oceans and seas methane deposits buried for aeons are now thawing out as seen on the taiga. There is only one way, we need to stop flying all over the place, sorry but if you want to live you will have to. Reduce car driving forthwith. Even electric cars are a problem. But I think governments despite wonderful assuring words are not going to do anything bar slowly convincing us, electric cars are the answer. These are the people we look up to, we should send them their cards and P.45s immediately. Let's get some people in who have a sound idea about how to solve the conundrum. Keep the economy afloat whilst taking proper steps to reduce Climate Change.

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