Thursday, 24 June 2021

What then is responsibility?

It was when one of my friends said to me, ‘The world is stark-raving mad, we cannot fly to Spain, we are stuck in this idiotic country’. It was then that I started thinking – ‘What’s gone wrong with our society?’ When quite sane people, yes my friend is sane, cannot see the portents. We have been given a brain, we can think about the future, even better we can think of the future by looking at happenings today! It is the same almost everywhere. I am a Christian but until very recently I have never heard a sermon telling us about our responsibility for the planet. In Genesis God says - ‘Here is the world, I have given you dominion over the birds of the air, the fish in the seas and the animals on land’. The word is ‘dominion’, it did not say ‘Kill everything you can get hold of’. It means taking responsibility, responsibility for the world, the planet we are part of. It sounds simple but it comes with an enormous load of side-issues. Because any living thing, whatever it may be, makes an impact on the fabric of life. Species, all species are predated on and in a way that keeps the balances finely tuned. Before you say humans are not predated on, what is Covid then? Viruses, bacteria, insects just to name a few. The big cats would eat us if they could.

All species that for any reason outgrow their space do face decline. Sometimes disastrously so. All of this means we have to maintain balances. It is really that simple. It means not outgrowing our space. It means we must look how we travel or move about. It means remembering we are NOT the only living thing on the planet. We all are dependent on each other in one way or another. It is not easy to have to curtail our appetites, and not just appetites for food but surely our resources are finite and need to be shared fairly. Now you know why I think politicians are not worthy of the name. You will not hear them talking about such issues. It is too difficult for their small inebriated brains. All they worry about is their expense account. It surely is time to face the stark truth. That simply says we are in trouble. The question is what are we, as ‘intelligent’ beings, going to do about it?

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