Sunday, 27 June 2021

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Well, well, well, it is sad to see a government slowly disappearing in front of your eyes. Yes, the rot has set in. Perhaps Covid-19 has not helped. Loads of people have been under quite some strain. I suppose I have been lucky, living with a large garden. At no time, even during the strictest lock-down have we felt marooned. The local supermarket quickly moved into home delivery albeit for a small charge. But we managed. I have been horribly aware about those people in cities living in a one-bed flat on the middle floor of a tower block. That is not much fun. No balcony, just open the windows. Yet it is the price we have to pay for having 67 million citizens and rising! This can only get worse. And so it is very worrying to see a government thrashing about rudderless, making one gaffe after another. I supported Boris and to some extent still do but I am afraid the way he is dealing with upsets shows he is not capable immediately to deal with problems. Boris likes to think he is modelling himself on Winston Churchill. Well, he might look a bit like him but he doesn’t act like him. The Matt Hancock saga shows it to stark effect. It should have been obvious immediately that the Health Secretary could not continue in the job. Government ministers cannot expect to set laws and then break them themselves. Even so, the national newspaper the Sun needs to answer a few questions. For a newspaper allegedly supporting the Conservatives they did a good job demonising a prominent government member. OK that person made mistakes, well so have I, and there are thousands more couples who have or are separating thanks to having to stay together and work (!) from home. Although as I have also said before – hoge bomen vangen veel wind. (Tall trees catch a lot of wind), a Dutch proverb beautifully outlining Matt Hancock’s situation. The basic meaning is like – the bigger they are the harder they fall.

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