Friday, 25 June 2021

Supporters not wanted in Holland, oh dear....

Some news coming through, Welsh football supporters not wanted in good ‘ol Mark Rutte’s country. Yes, Holland that is. May we ask why that is? Oh, our rising Covid infections. The Delta variant. But I have heard it is the same, more or less over on the continent. The Delta virus is virtually everywhere! The Danish supporters are apparently OK, some 70,000 will be cheering on their team. Might it have to do with something called Brexit? Hmmmm. Nice job Mr Rutte, you are a worthy prime minister. You seem to like foreign countries. Hungary for instance.Oh I forgot that Mr Rutte is a very woke liberal promoting heavily the LBGT+ faction in Holland hence he is anti-Hungary's laws. Obviously he forgot it is nothing to do with Holland how an independent Hungary deals with its own internal affairs. But Mr Rutte aint happy and wants Hungary out of the EU. Ah, that will go down well in Brussels then. No more goulash for the Dutch!

However, if I was Mr Rutte, the woke Liberal, I would worry a bit more about Holland’s territory which for nearly half is far below sea-levels. Amsterdam lies 4 meters below. With fast rising sea levels even the Dutch water engineers will be fighting a losing battle. In fact a lot of other countries will be too. Norfolk in England is on the danger list as well. Well, let’s be fair global warming isn’t going to stop very soon is it? I am of Dutch extraction and do not like Mark Rutte and his Liberal (VVD) party one bit. They are just and totally nuts. What happened to the once great Party van de Arbeid? The Dutch Labour party? Just asking but like the Labour party here taken over by the ultra left? Don’t need to answer that.

Back to the tit for tat actions by those very intelligent continental politicians. Ask yourself friends what all of that grandstanding is for? Does it help the ordinary man in the street? Like hell it does. Obviously we do not count, we are just cannon fodder. Pay our taxes as good citizens and shut up. The grand-standing Mark Rutte’s of this world need to start thinking less of their own importance and more about how to save the planet of over-consumption and the plastic menace. And not forgetting how to solve the CO2 debacle.

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