Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Some ramifications about change....

More and more are we becoming aware of the problems associated with global warming. Let’s be fair now, we in the UK have had some incredible changes. I cannot remember we have had so many floods before nor short heat-waves. Some days in August have temperatures that are 10 degrees higher than normal. I suppose the word ‘normal’ no longer applies. I wonder what Africa is like right now. I think not so nice, drought, heat approaching 50 degrees. It is no wonder I have seen only 5 swifts here in South Wales, whilst once the skies were full of them. My daughter’s farm barn had no swallows this year. No cuckoo heard either. You might think your family holiday in Spain or whatever other country is nice. But did you walk to get there? No? By plane then? Yes, you have contributed to global warming in a big way! Did you throw that bit of cellophane from your packet of ciggies on the street? And you are still smoking tobacco? The price to pay is to be exacted later but the cellophane will be floating in the seas soon. Still driving your car to work then or just to pop out to the shop to get a newspaper? Perhaps now you might realise how much our lifestyles contribute to what is happening to the climate. It won’t be too much longer I suspect Wokestaners (Londoners) and indeed all big cities will bake in temperatures not heard of before. You think that 28 degrees is balmy in Hyde Park? Think again, it will be approaching 40 within the next few years. It will also mean most of the African population will move northwards. No guessing which country they will want to move to. The atolls in the Caribbean and the Pacific will have disappeared. For those who do not believe anything like this will happen, look at the film called ‘Waterworld’ because in many ways that’s how we will have to cope. When all the ice caps have melted the world will be literally a steam bath. Sea levels will have risen by up to seven metres! Where I live if I am still alive, will be a seaside town. Just as well I have applied for an ice-cream tent licence from the local council.

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