Friday, 18 June 2021

Is this the end of the marriage?

And so the rot has started. The Conservatives lost the Amersham by-election. A sound 16,000 majority was simply overturned. Despite the government’s great success of dealing with the Covid drama, other factors were seemingly  more important. Factors like the HS2 problem (HS2-HiSpeed Rail), the continuing crap with Mr Cummings, the inability to deal with immigration, rising inflation, this to mention just a few. And so the Liberal Democrats, the ultra-wokists, won the seat. It is rather funny how the political system works in this country. A first past the post system (FPTP) rather than proportional representation. In any case as far as I am concerned I prefer the continental system adhered to in the Netherlands. Now that might be because that is what I was used to but looking at it properly it has a good basis. Anyway, the UK seems to take pride in this archaic FPTP system. Basically you could argue that any simpleton who has £500 or so to spend could stand for Parliament. And indeed from time to time that happens. Just look at some of the charlatans we have in Westminster.

I am sure the Conservatives will dismiss this result in Amersham as an aberration, something to look at and ask some questions but not to worry about it. But I would say this to Boris, watch your back and your step my man. The vultures are circling, even in your own party! Leadership is not easy, you have to be a hard man from time to time. So, gird your loins, put on the armour, wield the sword! If you don’t or won’t you will be gone pretty soon. The marriage between country and Conservatives could well be over!

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