Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Human Rights, anybody heard of them?

Can anyone in simple words tell me what you mean by ‘Human Rights’. Don’t give me the usual claptrap spouted. Because I begin to think it is just something dreamt up by lawyers to increase their earning capacity. The reality is quite simple. We are born helpless and dare I say it, without human rights. Because if our parents do not look after us we just die. People say we have a right to live. No, you don’t. If you cannot find enough food or proper shelter, you die. So, it boils down to adaptability, and survival strategy. It is also noticeable that only in our western world we talk about human rights. People in Africa and most of Asia have no time for it, they are too busy surviving the rigours of life which we seem to have forgotten.

Talking about rights, what then of other non-human life? Don’t they have a right to exist? It is a fact about nature that a species tend to expand as long as the food supply is available. Expand even to the detriment of other species. Precisely the situation us humans are in. But as we know the food supply is now at its limit. Great parts of the world, are already starving. Climate change not helping either. We talk glibly about human rights but in reality we only mean the human rights of the western world. Because if you really think that human rights should pertain to all humans then immigration as a word should no longer exist. In fact the movement of people to a better life has to be a norm. It would also mean the world population would be mostly concentrated in a narrow band close to the poles. But this would only go as far as the food supply because if the world has heated up by some 5 degrees then food growing in great swathes of the planet will be impossible. Already rice growing is in danger as is wheat in the droughts now experienced. Thus so far go human rights, it is just rubbish to ensure a nice pension for your lawyer!

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