Thursday, 10 June 2021

Hang Cecil Rhodes... oh a statue you say, hang it anyway!

Writing about our political problems is easy. But listening to some TV progs like Politics Today on the BBC makes my high blood pressure much higher. Today there was a discussion about the Oxford lecturers (bless their little hearts) refusing to teach the students at the Oriel College. First of all I thought that one of the lecturers might have molested a woman student or such things, as apparently happens in Universities from time to time but no, they were getting on the Woke train! The statue of Cecil Rhodes must die, possibly not a nice man as indeed many men or women from those times were not either, but that statue has to be removed, pulverised and the bits thrown into the nearest volcano. Iceland probably. Then we had on the discussion panel Layla Moron, sorry it might be Moran, not sure though, and Kate Porter, plus good ol’ Richard Madeley. After hearing Ms Moran I now know why the LibDems are in the doldrums and moreover will not get their fingers on the power button any time soon. Mind you she would not be better off in Labour either. Why do we have so many woke liberal lefties in politics today? Where are the people with common sense? Moreover why do we the electorate keep voting in these nobodies? As Richard indicated these statues are mostly of dead people. Nice ones and not so nice ones but they ARE dead! I keep on saying also you CANNOT change history whether you agree with it or not. But what you can do, is learning from it. But so far I would not think looking at all these woke actions, we have learned anything at all!

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