Saturday, 19 June 2021

Ba, ba, black sheep or is it Ba, ba, rainbow sheep?

Question – Is the nursery rhyme ‘Ba, Ba, Black Sheep’ racist? Now as I am living in Wales I thought it best to ask a sheep, we’ve got plenty of them here. They are white, off-white, muddy grey, grey, black, mottled, you name it, we’ve got it. Anyway, the sheep answered ‘Ba, Ba, Ba’ which I managed to translate as ‘Yes, as long as it is an English black sheep’. I take it to mean that Welsh black sheep are not racist. Hurrah!

So, where are we now then? The Twitterati (usually London based, ultra liberal woke weed puffing, brain addled, bald-headed, beard stained apologies of humankind) are in an absolute frenzy. I just don’t understand why they are not trying to ban any references to colour, any colour, whatsoever. LBGT+ to be banned from using rainbows. Wonderful! The new News program headed by Andrew (him of the acid tongue, long may he live) Neil is now to take on the ‘woke’ brigade and not before time! The Twitter idiots must not be deleted, no siree, they must be made fun of. It has been said many times, the ‘comedians’ we have now, the woke type, are not funny. The BBC is no longer fit for purpose. They have a hidden agenda championed by woke management. Management afraid to speak up.

Society is changing, and I am not sure who or what is behind it. Is this a way orchestrated by the rich, aristocratic minority to regain their absolute privileges? With most of humanity living back in Victorian squalor? Interesting discussion that would be. The woke liberati would not even be aware of this, that they were manipulated. In the meantime we’re stuck reading and listening to their inane outpourings. I have an idea! Send them to Wales, we need shepherds for our black sheep, and don’t forget to sing ‘Ba, ba, black sheep’.

I’ll give you this in Welsh – ‘Beh, beh, dafad ddu’. You would be the highlight of the day!

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