Saturday, 5 June 2021

Answering simple questions? Impossible in the UK.

With the nicer weather the boats are coming again.The English Channel has seen dozens, it has never been so busy. The people organising these trips must be rolling in cash! I think as far as the promises we’ve heard the government making day in, day out I think they don’t know what to do about it. Hiding behind flowery words. Even the competent Ms Patel has been banging her head against the Civil Service wall. I can tell Ms Patel she needs to wield the sword. The Civil Service is not fit for purpose. It is full of the Wokestan and Etonstan nobility! I wish her good luck. Secondly, what we see now on telly is the demands now made by the people we call ‘immigrants’. Not being contend to finally arrive where they have been wanting to go for months and paid huge sums to do so. They now expect first class hotel service, no less! Hot showers, good food and a three bed-room council house in the leafy suburbs. That’s what was promised to them in France. There is a simple question that needs asking – why cannot this be dealt with? This debacle was one of the reasons a lot of people voted for Brexit! But we are still having all the same problems we had before. I voted for the Conservatives, God only knows why, but I believed they had the gumption to get things done. I might have been wrong. Like all the governments before, just empty promises. The problems are already stacking up and it won’t be long before this Conservative government will lose its raison-d’être. It has not been easy, this Covid virus but the way we are dealing with it is bonkers. We are jumping on and off the bandwagon at the whim of ultra woke lefties who want to go desperately on holiday. Even with the CO2 belching planes of Ryanair or Easyjet. Are we absolutely doomed? Well, I have my Union Jack ready to wave as the waves close over my head. I will before expiring give the flag to the next ‘intelligent’ species to walk the Earth. Crabs.

ED Wokestan = London, Etonstan = Is a school for super privileged offspring of super privileged ultra left wing quasi nobility. Didn't you know that?

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