Monday, 17 May 2021

Who was Anne Boleyn again? Ask C4 TV....

Does anyone remember the name Enoch Powell? Yes, him of the rivers of blood in our streets. You might ask what was it all about? Well, quite simply coloured people outnumbering Caucasians. He was poohpoohed at the time and I also have problems with such opinions, although I know what was meant. But the establishment, that includes our media like TV and such does not do a lot to make life as smooth as possible. Let’s take the newest advertised series called Anne Boleyn. Did anyone know that Anne Boleyn was a coloured lady? I must say it is an interesting view on history of course and I wonder where C4 (that’s the station) did their history lessons? Probably at Eton I suppose. Obviously I am aware like everybody else that racism is about but this surely is the reverse? Or are we now rewriting our history because the Wokestan ultra liberal luvvies don’t like it? Wokestan used to be called London but London as we knew it is no more. Our new national capital now is Cardiff or if it isn’t it should be! Even so I like the look of the new Anne Boleyn. Just wondering if she knows she’s going to lose her head?

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