Monday, 17 May 2021

Who doesn't want to be 300 years of age? Me, me, me, me (or not)

If you already think the world has gone stark raving mad you are forgiven, if you haven’t please watch BBC programmes like ‘Click’ or indeed any other semi-scientific claptrap.

I looked at the science which is trying to increase the ageing process. Sounds good doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be 200 or even 300 years of age. Well, think of this – I am 250 today, I get in bed and next to me lies a wrinkled, parchment-skinned being who mumbles, ‘Hello darling...’. There are no teeth, they have gone long ago. She (I think it is a she, although my memory recalls she might be my wife) has a wig, apparent because it moved as I got into bed. To my consternation there was something hard in the bed (No, not that bit!) it was a false leg. During her 80’s she had an accident falling down the stairs. Anyway, you getting the point? Actually, talking about sex is fun but during my 120th anniversary I had a prostate operation and since then I needed the blue pill in ever greater quantity. I now take 4 at a time and it takes two days before they work so I need a diary to plan things carefully. Problem is after two days I can’t remember where I put the diary!

All this is just showing what life could be like, also what about food supplies? We cannot feed all the world’s population now! Imagine how it would be if treble the population was alive? 18 billion? You must forgive me, why spend money on this totally useless research? Now, if we could find ways of living a more healthier life, a life more in tune with nature that would be good. I think we should lose our fears, life is life and make it the best you can. We will die at some point, it is the way things were designed. Remember that each and everyone of us has a role to play, so make it a good one!

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