Saturday, 29 May 2021

Piers Morgan back to ITV? Do it right now!

Hullabalooh and all that, I’m hearing rumours that Piers (Morgan) might be coming back to ITV. Interesting that. Not really important to most I suppose but nevertheless interesting. Especially as he is known to have walked out of the ITV studios after a spat with the woke Alex Beresford. Well, just look at the occasion. Piers said that Meghan had been lying in her interview with the obviously starstruck Oprah Winfrey. Personally, I saw that interview, well, at least that bit shown in the UK and I have never seen or heard such drivel portrayed as prime world news! If that is what Americans like to do, it shows what I suspected a long time ago, Americans in the main are vacuous and money obsessed. Yet, the US has some great people in their midst. How did a two-bit soap actress get so much influence? It shows the Tinseltown’s approach to life. You go over dead bodies to get what you want. So, well done Piers to point some of that out. It is high time that lifestyles like that are portrayed and looked at. To be preached at how about to live bearing in mind global warming by persons who quite openly do not follow their own advice is about as mind killingly boring as looking at Eskimos trying to figure out what a coconut is.

Indeed Piers back at ITV to sort some stuff out happening in the world, what the upper echelons are up to whilst telling everybody else how good they are. We need people who are not afraid to ask awkward questions. They may not be answered, politicians in particular are good, educated in how to answer questions. Or rather how NOT to answer questions. Piers, good luck, let’s hope you can return to ITV. I cannot wait!

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