Saturday, 1 May 2021

Is the UK prosecution mad? Hmmmm....

 I often wonder about the British relish for court cases where they 'try' soldiers who have killed civilians or other unknown characters. In Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and others, perhaps the Falklands too. I am waiting for court cases where British soldiers will be tried for killing Argentinian soldiers. What is the matter with this woke country? Look, it is relatively simple, we have soldiers that defend the interests of this nation. That may happen locally or internationally.

This will be done on the instigation of those well-known half-wits called politicians. Things happen in battles that ordinarily would not happen. We must get away from the idea that you can win a war by waving a small flag saying 'Sweets for free here'. I am not a pacifist, I have been in the army. Not the UK but on the continent. It is not really a world of or for pansies. But I am not a warmonger either. I would prefer peace but a proper peace not the usual shambolic package that today's politicians seem to prefer. Again, soldiers do the work set for them by politicians, if you want to prosecute anyone then prosecute them. It is an absolute disgrace that we prosecute military personnel who defended the will of the majority in Northern Ireland and who killed intentionally or accidentally, civilians. Intentionally because those individuals were engaged in insurrections or accidentally because they simply came in the firing line. Besides, those persons even children, could be killed or injured by either party. 

We need to dismantle this judicial process that allows unscrupulous fee-chasing lawyers a free ride. Human greed will always win out. Let's stop, ditch that system immediately, not tomorrow but today!

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