Thursday, 27 May 2021

I want a friend like Cummings....

Isn’t it lovely to have friends? Friends like Mr Cummings. Just love the guy. Its just great to see people like him that can put the knife in and lovingly turn it around a few times so we all can see the blood flow.

It has to be obvious as well that Mr Cummings is as clean as a just born baby. Like he said, This Covid is not my fault you know. No, the Prime Minister, he is the one! I only went on a little drive to escape London! Why? Oh, a rampaging mob was outside my house. I love my cat and the poor moggie just was cowering away under the settee. That’s the reason I went to Barnard’s Castle. It's only some 250 miles you know. The cat likes to see swans swimming majestically. Blah di blah di blah....blah’. You know it says once again how rotten our political world is. Deadshead Cummings is just another of these charlatans. Why do we listen to guys like that? I said before ‘Don’t dig up your friends, let them rest in peace....’. He is someone who thinks everyone else is an idiot, except himself. A bit like me then (Oh, did I just say that?).

We are in the aftermath of one of those pandemics that flow around the world. Have done so since time immemorial. It is a feature of human civilisation. Of living together, ‘hutje bij mutje’ (a Dutch proverb-like saying, meaning living too close together). Of travelling all over the world, bringing diseases to areas where they were unknown. So, despite what is said, despite lying politicians, the only reason why we are in Covid trouble is ourselves. Our behaviour. It is really that simple. If you are ill in Bombay and travel to London, then we have the disease there as well. London like Bombay has over 10 million inhabitants, a rich field of opportunity to spread diseases like the family of rhinoviruses to which Covid belongs, like the flu and ordinary colds. Rhinoviruses are the most common viral infectious agents in humans and one  is the predominant cause of the common cold. So, there we are, in order to combat these outbreaks, just follow the simple guidelines, moreover let’s look at ways how we need to alter our society, how we need to behave, work and play.

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