Saturday, 8 May 2021

Hurray for Wokestan, they just lost the plot, eh I meant election...

Aren’t elections exciting? You never will really know beforehand what is going to happen. Who would have thought that Labour was going to be dumped, and in such an easy manner. We are not talking London of course. London actually is not part of the UK, it is a total anachronism. The wokest of the woke! In other words London is a country all by itself, called Wokestan. Wokestanners have a different brain. That brain does not recognise there are other people in the world, or even other countries. For a Wokestaner everything outside the M.25 circular is like the planet Mars to everybody else. So, London is probably the only region now that votes Labour. It just shows the mindset of a Londoner. There was some talk about re-organising the Civil Service but I think like a lot of other things, good talk, bad action! Nevertheless things have not ended just yet, the main government has a few years to run. So, we will wait with abated breath! In the meantime the Conservatives have had a very good election. Labour did not. Plaid Cymru, my party in good ol' Wales was abysmal. So, what went so wrong? Well, just about everything. Looking at the election leaflets, Plaid was not much different from everyone else. Covid had an input of course, Welsh Labour had done reasonably well in that. But it was on the back of decisions made in Westminster! The idea of independence did not make a resounding argument and I think it needs rethinking. 

In Wales Labour is still enjoying that 30’s feeling of hard working miners who had to be defended at all costs against the dastardly English companies who were sucking the people dry. Labour then was the champion of the people. The South Walians still have that feeling that Labour is the party that helps them. Of course, it is nothing of the sort! But South Walians are obstinate people, great and loyal. That is why Labour still holds the chair in Wales coupled with what a lot of people have -  the 'My father voted Labour, so I do as well' syndrome. 

Generally speaking Labour nationally today is no more than a party led by woke lefties who have had a university degree in home-economics or better still, performing arts. Most of whom live in Wokestan (London for the uninitiated). Labour have lost the respect of those self-same hard working people who do not know whether they can afford this month’s rent or whether their job will still be theirs. Labour was and is more interested in trivia in the belief that a dockworker from Hartlepool or anywhere else is totally interested in whether the PM has the right curtains for his flat. They just mutter ‘What the f...?

Indeed, who cares! I have indicated before there is something wrong with politicians in this country, media-obsessed, apologising for everything under the sun that smells of colour. Gender and colour based politics do not work unless you are living in Wokestan. Hard working men and women just have not got time for that. The obsession to get, no must have, 50% all female political parties, government departments, and just about everywhere and everything else is wrong. What about capability? What about the best person for the job? If it is a female who is best for a particular position then chose her. If not, look again. Just stop with this equalisation of everything. I am a HE not an IT! ITs live in Wokestan and by Jove, leave them there and chain them to the floor of their atmospherically enhanced, pink curtained air-conditioned flats. But don't forget to feed them now and again.

 I thank you!

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