Saturday, 22 May 2021

How's Daddy then, Harry?

As probably everyone knows by now I am not a particularly avid royalist but at the moment I feel pretty strongly that the royal family is under threat. Not by me or the ‘normal’ public but by one of their own! I have to say from an outsider’s point of view that Mr Harry Windsor (note I am not using any titles) has completely lost the plot. Unless, and I say UNLESS, this is a new style attempt to take the crown. It has happened before of course. Richard III did it, two small princes disappeared. But I will be certain this is MR Windsor's coup d’etat when I see Price William and his children incarcerated in the Tower, London.

However it is portrayed, Harry is wildly overstepping the mark. I think it is high time he is told, ‘Shut the gob mate’. And God only knows why the media here are reporting this claptrap. Once we thought Harry to be a brilliant exposition of how royals should be. Caring for the country. A soldier of note. But these latest outpourings of his show without a doubt, his mental stability did not improve. His attempt to explain, why and how he suffered mental illness causing him to be on drugs, prescription drugs may be or the real ones – does show his inability to understand his position in the great scheme of things! I fear there are simply no fit Americans to get him out of that frame of mind. He simply married the wrong woman, and lives in the wrong country.

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