Friday, 14 May 2021

Hello, new non-binary world!

HaHaHaHaHa, OMG, what next in this woke country? I love it, it is better than one of those great episodes in ‘It aint Half Hot Mum’! Do you understand what I’m saying ‘Lovely boy’?

Imagine now Windsor Davies (The sergeant) saying to one of the soldiers ‘Hey you, non-binary git, stand up you, twinkle toes’. Plus the media storm following that. Yes, I am so happy to be a gender recognisable person, well at least I recognised myself when I took my pants off and thought ‘What the ‘ell is that then?’ But recognition dawned and I remembered.

Am I sorry to have been born a man? Like ‘ell I am. Of course I now need my passport altered because the new non-EU ones will have a whole page in it that will show all the possible gender possibles. We will have Male, Non-male, Possibly Male, I thought I was male but not sure, Female, Non-Female, Possibly Female, Binary, Non-Binary, Possibly Binary, amongst many others. I think we should have separate entry points in stations, in trains, trams and buses and different coloured taxis in Wokestan (previously known as London).

All non-binary citizens will be able to apply for double benefits because the government cannot or will not decide either way. But I would advise all such citizens beware the taxman! Oh sorry, it could be taxwoman, taxnon-binary, taxbinary, taxpossiblebinary, taxIdon’tknoworwhatIam. Welcome to our brave new woke world!

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