Sunday, 9 May 2021

Hearing the drum of incredulity, again...

This country has absolutely lost its credibility. Just watching Countryfile (a TV ecological/farming programme) talking to some people who are planning spaceports. Not just one, no siree, quite a few, Cornwall, Scotland, even in the National Park of Snowdonia. Let me just say this, all talk about reaching for the stars is baloney. It is just not possible. I have heard otherwise sane people talking about, ‘Ah yes, not possible today, but tomorrow anything is possible’. 

The question that needs asking is - why bother? What benefit is this going to have? The nearest star is over 4 light years away. I am not going to bore you explaining that beside telling you, if you left today with your wife, your descendants 200 years hence might see Alpha Centauri. You also might find out they will not discover habitable planets. Because they are dead from cosmic radiation. Humanity might reach and colonise Mars but we cannot really live there unless shielded behind miles of rock. In the meantime we will be poisoning our atmosphere with more and more CO2, each rocket can put 100,000 tons of the gas in to the air. Not just the rocket itself but all the production, material preparation, everything you now can see on Cape Canaveral. The groundwork and all the associated rubbish that is needed to get a few tons in the air. People also forget watching television, the way we do this work today has already put thousands of tonnes of CO2 in the air to put up all these satellites! Not just that, adding to the tonnes of discarded metal in space now surrounding the planet.

It should be pretty obvious by now that space is not the answer. At least not until we have sorted out our proclivity to produce billions of tonnes of CO2 and plastic refuse. Let’s drop these planning applications now! We do not need spaceports in Cornwall or Scotland and certainly not in Snowdonia!

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