Friday, 28 May 2021

Eurovision? I like it!

Eurovision a laughing stock? No, people, it’s not. The Eurovision Song festival is just that , a festival. It has nothing to do with singing. It is simply a show, a show that leans heavily on gimmicks. That is just something we here in Britain do not understand. Look who won. Yes, a third rate rock band, nobody had ever heard of, not even in Italy. Then here came the Brits, a serious singer, bit overweight, no backing band, he didn’t appear out of a Stonehenge replica, nor did he have the royal crown on his head throughout or even wore a kilt and played the bagpipes. What chance did he have? None whatsoever, actually nil points was good, it could have been minus 10! Problem now is with the way we select here is that there will be no-one interested to apply next year. It was already traumatic this year with only one or two applying, so our choice was simply this, do we have a man or a woman? We should have chosen the cat. But it was fun.

So, what next? I don’t believe we should withdraw. I think we ought to go along with the system. Which means that we should send something on the line like RuPaul. A singing RuPaul with a growling, low bass voice. Backed by a non-binary backing combo singing another song altogether. Lovely. That’ll do it, 600 points! Oh and do a Bend the Knee prior to performing.

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