Saturday, 22 May 2021

Does being a non-binary mean you're not counted?

Oh la la, he’s at it again. Rod Liddle my favourite journo, that is. Having a go at the police. He has a point you know. Police in high heels (South Wales) to show solidarity with women, police with blue nails (Avon & Somerset) showing solidarity with the movement against slavery. Painting a patrol car in the LGBTQ+ colours to show solidarity with I can’t remember what the ‘eck that was. As he indicated since when is the police politicised? Yes, because like it or loathe it these things are around today. We need the police to yes, police it! Not join it! I am a paid up member of the ‘Normal’ movement. Our gesture is not to bend the knee, have blue nails or dance naked on Porthcawl beach but have the forefinger and middle finger permanently displaying a ‘V’ gesture. 

One of my daily papers, the Sun, reported another artist becoming an ‘IT’, non-binary Demi Lovato. An eminently forgettable entity that. Not human I think, at least she doesn’t look human to me. Perhaps Obama, who believes in aliens, is right.

I am now waiting for Katie Price (aka Jordan?) to say she is no longer a she but is a non-binary ‘they’. We will end up with two Katies. Lovely, can’t wait. This is all just a sign of how low we have sunk. How woke we have become. Time to let all these idiots go on holiday. Let them go to a red listed country and cancel their return. Good riddance. 

Ed. To me non-binary means, not two, in other words one! So, it's just another meaningless idea. A person is not two beings. But let's have a look at the Oxford Dictionary - binary, composed of or involving two; dual. And further, something composed of two parts. So, non-binary does simply mean, a single entity. It has no bearing on the mental state, obviously. Thank you Ms Lovato for explaining to us that you do need a shrink after all. Have a look in the phonebook, plenty of shrinks around.

For those who do not know what a shrink is - a psycho analyst, psychologist.

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