Thursday, 20 May 2021

Do you like variants? Well, variants seem to like us....

And so we are all wondering where we are as far as Covid is concerned. Kent, India, Brazilian variants are all creeping about. Lovely. But let’s have a look at governance. Despite the wonderful words emanating from Wokestan, sorry London or rather Westminster, you know the stuff ‘We will control the travel to countries that are on the red list’. Right, I feel much safer already. Then I see shots on TV from Heathrow Airport where travellers from the self-same red list countries freely mingle with everybody else in the halls. You must forgive me because I am a bit stupid really, I don’t understand what red list countries mean and nor does the management of Heathrow Airport.

But you know as well as I do that the world has changed, what you could do prior to 2020 is now curtailed. Let’s be honest even before Covid ransacked the planet we need to understand we would have to change anyway. Change our attitudes, our life-styles if we want to continue living decent lives. Perhaps it has escaped all our notice, but Covid is not particularly a killing machine like perhaps Ebola or malaria is. But it is so prevalent now because of our liking for travelling. Diseases like Covid just love air-planes and trains, buses and even hotel lobbies. Covid just waits in the wings of the town called Glastonbury, eagerly waiting for the crowds to turn up. Us humans absolutely love to accommodate Covid in that respect. We cannot blame anything or anyone else but ourselves. This episode of time should have at least made us understand that we have overstepped the mark. We have opened Pandora’s Box and it is still open. Can we do something about it though? Well yes but like all things to close doors takes effort. You have to take some action. Push the door and lock it. Similarly with diseases like Covid. We have to curtail travel. We have to be more hygienic. In places like Africa and Asia we have to ensure water is available. Potable water and if that means de-salinating plants, well so be it! We will have to dismantle the oil industry, the coal industry and jail any executives ignoring the new rule of law. We might even have to look anew at our commercial set-up. How we trade. We need to do this, not tomorrow but right now.

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