Monday, 3 May 2021

Baloney because of Blarney?

Has anyone ever wondered why political parties need so many people at times to deliver leaflets, knock doors, canvass? Perhaps we as voters need to be persuaded to vote? One might wonder why that is so? Could it be disillusionment? One might wonder but I think it is the general feeling that it is all a waste of time and money. Things do not get better, politicians do not stand up for anyone despite boldly acclaiming they do. Has anyone got the feeling that we are ‘Moving forward’? Well, Welsh Labour does! But I’m thinking at best we are pretty stationary! You have to forgive me people but when a political party that has been in power here for over twenty years is claiming that they will generate a ‘greener’ country I have to ask where have they been these last twenty years? Asleep? Never heard of global warming? Melting icecaps? This can be blamed on all political parties, except the Greens perhaps. Looking at all the party leaflets that came through my front-door you would think that we actually live in Utopia already. Read this: ‘There is so much to be optimistic about in Wales’. Yes, but speak to the people of the Rhondda where industry has disappeared like snow before a summer sun. Where hundreds have died of a disease that should never have happened. Where thousands have lost their jobs because of political dithering. Anyone else feeling optimistic? Political talk is just fancy pants. You might not know this but all aspiring politicians have to do a trip first, a trip to Ireland, to Blarney Castle where they are taught to kiss the Blarney stone. They will be held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlements. The prize is a real one as once kissed the stone bestows the gift of eloquence. Indeed, but they forget to tell you what type of eloquence! From then on, all politicians good or bad, are eloquent in baloney from Blarney. It might have been better if those who hold them by the ankles had a sneezing fit. Sorry, I did not say this! You might have guessed it already - I have been to Blarney Castle AND kissed the stone! Fortunately though I am not a politician and the person who held me was (and still is) my wife! AND she did not have a sneezing fit!

Edit - Baloney is an English slang word for rubbish, rubbish talk. The Oxford Dictionary says - foolish talk, nonsense. Spot on, baby!

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