Sunday, 30 May 2021

A bit of planning might do you good, or not......

In the good old UK and particularly in Wales, we have loads of by-laws, laws, and regulations to keep us all happy. One of these fields is Planning. That seems to be designed to make as much money for Councils as possible. No friends, it is not for your benefit as a citizen of your area. That is what they want you to believe. Don’t fall foul of political talk. I live in an area that is called the Rhondda. Once the world’s supplier of steam coal to power ships, trains and in so doing make it possible to travel and trade with the rest of the world. Today that has, as we now know, helped to heat up the atmosphere because of increased CO2.

So, what then about planning? Well, you only have to listen to central government and their ideas. Opening up the countryside because yes, we all know we need 2 million new homes.

It is plainly ridiculous. If we only just control immigration properly, then we would not now be one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. I am not saying we should stop immigration, it has its good sides but to just have open borders is plainly unsustainable. We cannot and should not concrete over vast swatches of green fields just so that every Tom, D*ck and Harry can tip-toe over and demand a proper three-bed room council house.

Councils take the easy route, certainly those in Wales seem to do. They have beautiful ideas like LDPs (Local Development Plans) I have seen one in my area and indeed it has already attracted development plans. Development plans that take no notice of water problems due to increased heavier rainfall, no notice at all of increased car usage and associated problems like PM (Particle Matter) in which the size 2.5 is a big problem causing bronchial disease, asthma among others. I have taken measurements with my PM detector and frequently we go over the 30 ug/m3, sometimes as much as 50! That is more than the WHO says is acceptable.

I would say nothing is acceptable but certainly no-one listens in the hallowed halls of government. We are stuck in the old stop-gap government style. You know it as ‘We have a problem, we solve the problem, that brings three new problems, we solve them, that bring 200 new problems. We go home now and kick the dog’. That’s our planning system. In one way we pay lip service to global warming because we just work on today’s problems like housing. Forgetting that it will just increase CO2 and water effluent.

The small river behind our house is no longer small. Thanks to increased rainfall and increased run-off from the new housing estates. No one thinks about how the medical services, doctors, dentist have to cope. To obtain an appointment takes quite a time, if you’re lucky. Planners do not seem to concern themselves with such problems, it’s nothing to do with them. The planet is presently at a fork in the road. Make a bad decision and take the right fork and we all die. Take the left and our grandchildren will live. Remember that when next voting for your preferred councillor, is he or she the right one? Don’t worry about political parties. They rarely do anything that benefits the population at large. Sorry to be so exhaustive, but it is important.

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Piers Morgan back to ITV? Do it right now!

Hullabalooh and all that, I’m hearing rumours that Piers (Morgan) might be coming back to ITV. Interesting that. Not really important to most I suppose but nevertheless interesting. Especially as he is known to have walked out of the ITV studios after a spat with the woke Alex Beresford. Well, just look at the occasion. Piers said that Meghan had been lying in her interview with the obviously starstruck Oprah Winfrey. Personally, I saw that interview, well, at least that bit shown in the UK and I have never seen or heard such drivel portrayed as prime world news! If that is what Americans like to do, it shows what I suspected a long time ago, Americans in the main are vacuous and money obsessed. Yet, the US has some great people in their midst. How did a two-bit soap actress get so much influence? It shows the Tinseltown’s approach to life. You go over dead bodies to get what you want. So, well done Piers to point some of that out. It is high time that lifestyles like that are portrayed and looked at. To be preached at how about to live bearing in mind global warming by persons who quite openly do not follow their own advice is about as mind killingly boring as looking at Eskimos trying to figure out what a coconut is.

Indeed Piers back at ITV to sort some stuff out happening in the world, what the upper echelons are up to whilst telling everybody else how good they are. We need people who are not afraid to ask awkward questions. They may not be answered, politicians in particular are good, educated in how to answer questions. Or rather how NOT to answer questions. Piers, good luck, let’s hope you can return to ITV. I cannot wait!

Friday, 28 May 2021

Eurovision? I like it!

Eurovision a laughing stock? No, people, it’s not. The Eurovision Song festival is just that , a festival. It has nothing to do with singing. It is simply a show, a show that leans heavily on gimmicks. That is just something we here in Britain do not understand. Look who won. Yes, a third rate rock band, nobody had ever heard of, not even in Italy. Then here came the Brits, a serious singer, bit overweight, no backing band, he didn’t appear out of a Stonehenge replica, nor did he have the royal crown on his head throughout or even wore a kilt and played the bagpipes. What chance did he have? None whatsoever, actually nil points was good, it could have been minus 10! Problem now is with the way we select here is that there will be no-one interested to apply next year. It was already traumatic this year with only one or two applying, so our choice was simply this, do we have a man or a woman? We should have chosen the cat. But it was fun.

So, what next? I don’t believe we should withdraw. I think we ought to go along with the system. Which means that we should send something on the line like RuPaul. A singing RuPaul with a growling, low bass voice. Backed by a non-binary backing combo singing another song altogether. Lovely. That’ll do it, 600 points! Oh and do a Bend the Knee prior to performing.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

I want a friend like Cummings....

Isn’t it lovely to have friends? Friends like Mr Cummings. Just love the guy. Its just great to see people like him that can put the knife in and lovingly turn it around a few times so we all can see the blood flow.

It has to be obvious as well that Mr Cummings is as clean as a just born baby. Like he said, This Covid is not my fault you know. No, the Prime Minister, he is the one! I only went on a little drive to escape London! Why? Oh, a rampaging mob was outside my house. I love my cat and the poor moggie just was cowering away under the settee. That’s the reason I went to Barnard’s Castle. It's only some 250 miles you know. The cat likes to see swans swimming majestically. Blah di blah di blah....blah’. You know it says once again how rotten our political world is. Deadshead Cummings is just another of these charlatans. Why do we listen to guys like that? I said before ‘Don’t dig up your friends, let them rest in peace....’. He is someone who thinks everyone else is an idiot, except himself. A bit like me then (Oh, did I just say that?).

We are in the aftermath of one of those pandemics that flow around the world. Have done so since time immemorial. It is a feature of human civilisation. Of living together, ‘hutje bij mutje’ (a Dutch proverb-like saying, meaning living too close together). Of travelling all over the world, bringing diseases to areas where they were unknown. So, despite what is said, despite lying politicians, the only reason why we are in Covid trouble is ourselves. Our behaviour. It is really that simple. If you are ill in Bombay and travel to London, then we have the disease there as well. London like Bombay has over 10 million inhabitants, a rich field of opportunity to spread diseases like the family of rhinoviruses to which Covid belongs, like the flu and ordinary colds. Rhinoviruses are the most common viral infectious agents in humans and one  is the predominant cause of the common cold. So, there we are, in order to combat these outbreaks, just follow the simple guidelines, moreover let’s look at ways how we need to alter our society, how we need to behave, work and play.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Does being a non-binary mean you're not counted?

Oh la la, he’s at it again. Rod Liddle my favourite journo, that is. Having a go at the police. He has a point you know. Police in high heels (South Wales) to show solidarity with women, police with blue nails (Avon & Somerset) showing solidarity with the movement against slavery. Painting a patrol car in the LGBTQ+ colours to show solidarity with I can’t remember what the ‘eck that was. As he indicated since when is the police politicised? Yes, because like it or loathe it these things are around today. We need the police to yes, police it! Not join it! I am a paid up member of the ‘Normal’ movement. Our gesture is not to bend the knee, have blue nails or dance naked on Porthcawl beach but have the forefinger and middle finger permanently displaying a ‘V’ gesture. 

One of my daily papers, the Sun, reported another artist becoming an ‘IT’, non-binary Demi Lovato. An eminently forgettable entity that. Not human I think, at least she doesn’t look human to me. Perhaps Obama, who believes in aliens, is right.

I am now waiting for Katie Price (aka Jordan?) to say she is no longer a she but is a non-binary ‘they’. We will end up with two Katies. Lovely, can’t wait. This is all just a sign of how low we have sunk. How woke we have become. Time to let all these idiots go on holiday. Let them go to a red listed country and cancel their return. Good riddance. 

Ed. To me non-binary means, not two, in other words one! So, it's just another meaningless idea. A person is not two beings. But let's have a look at the Oxford Dictionary - binary, composed of or involving two; dual. And further, something composed of two parts. So, non-binary does simply mean, a single entity. It has no bearing on the mental state, obviously. Thank you Ms Lovato for explaining to us that you do need a shrink after all. Have a look in the phonebook, plenty of shrinks around.

For those who do not know what a shrink is - a psycho analyst, psychologist.

How's Daddy then, Harry?

As probably everyone knows by now I am not a particularly avid royalist but at the moment I feel pretty strongly that the royal family is under threat. Not by me or the ‘normal’ public but by one of their own! I have to say from an outsider’s point of view that Mr Harry Windsor (note I am not using any titles) has completely lost the plot. Unless, and I say UNLESS, this is a new style attempt to take the crown. It has happened before of course. Richard III did it, two small princes disappeared. But I will be certain this is MR Windsor's coup d’etat when I see Price William and his children incarcerated in the Tower, London.

However it is portrayed, Harry is wildly overstepping the mark. I think it is high time he is told, ‘Shut the gob mate’. And God only knows why the media here are reporting this claptrap. Once we thought Harry to be a brilliant exposition of how royals should be. Caring for the country. A soldier of note. But these latest outpourings of his show without a doubt, his mental stability did not improve. His attempt to explain, why and how he suffered mental illness causing him to be on drugs, prescription drugs may be or the real ones – does show his inability to understand his position in the great scheme of things! I fear there are simply no fit Americans to get him out of that frame of mind. He simply married the wrong woman, and lives in the wrong country.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Do you like variants? Well, variants seem to like us....

And so we are all wondering where we are as far as Covid is concerned. Kent, India, Brazilian variants are all creeping about. Lovely. But let’s have a look at governance. Despite the wonderful words emanating from Wokestan, sorry London or rather Westminster, you know the stuff ‘We will control the travel to countries that are on the red list’. Right, I feel much safer already. Then I see shots on TV from Heathrow Airport where travellers from the self-same red list countries freely mingle with everybody else in the halls. You must forgive me because I am a bit stupid really, I don’t understand what red list countries mean and nor does the management of Heathrow Airport.

But you know as well as I do that the world has changed, what you could do prior to 2020 is now curtailed. Let’s be honest even before Covid ransacked the planet we need to understand we would have to change anyway. Change our attitudes, our life-styles if we want to continue living decent lives. Perhaps it has escaped all our notice, but Covid is not particularly a killing machine like perhaps Ebola or malaria is. But it is so prevalent now because of our liking for travelling. Diseases like Covid just love air-planes and trains, buses and even hotel lobbies. Covid just waits in the wings of the town called Glastonbury, eagerly waiting for the crowds to turn up. Us humans absolutely love to accommodate Covid in that respect. We cannot blame anything or anyone else but ourselves. This episode of time should have at least made us understand that we have overstepped the mark. We have opened Pandora’s Box and it is still open. Can we do something about it though? Well yes but like all things to close doors takes effort. You have to take some action. Push the door and lock it. Similarly with diseases like Covid. We have to curtail travel. We have to be more hygienic. In places like Africa and Asia we have to ensure water is available. Potable water and if that means de-salinating plants, well so be it! We will have to dismantle the oil industry, the coal industry and jail any executives ignoring the new rule of law. We might even have to look anew at our commercial set-up. How we trade. We need to do this, not tomorrow but right now.

Monday, 17 May 2021

Who doesn't want to be 300 years of age? Me, me, me, me (or not)

If you already think the world has gone stark raving mad you are forgiven, if you haven’t please watch BBC programmes like ‘Click’ or indeed any other semi-scientific claptrap.

I looked at the science which is trying to increase the ageing process. Sounds good doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be 200 or even 300 years of age. Well, think of this – I am 250 today, I get in bed and next to me lies a wrinkled, parchment-skinned being who mumbles, ‘Hello darling...’. There are no teeth, they have gone long ago. She (I think it is a she, although my memory recalls she might be my wife) has a wig, apparent because it moved as I got into bed. To my consternation there was something hard in the bed (No, not that bit!) it was a false leg. During her 80’s she had an accident falling down the stairs. Anyway, you getting the point? Actually, talking about sex is fun but during my 120th anniversary I had a prostate operation and since then I needed the blue pill in ever greater quantity. I now take 4 at a time and it takes two days before they work so I need a diary to plan things carefully. Problem is after two days I can’t remember where I put the diary!

All this is just showing what life could be like, also what about food supplies? We cannot feed all the world’s population now! Imagine how it would be if treble the population was alive? 18 billion? You must forgive me, why spend money on this totally useless research? Now, if we could find ways of living a more healthier life, a life more in tune with nature that would be good. I think we should lose our fears, life is life and make it the best you can. We will die at some point, it is the way things were designed. Remember that each and everyone of us has a role to play, so make it a good one!

Who was Anne Boleyn again? Ask C4 TV....

Does anyone remember the name Enoch Powell? Yes, him of the rivers of blood in our streets. You might ask what was it all about? Well, quite simply coloured people outnumbering Caucasians. He was poohpoohed at the time and I also have problems with such opinions, although I know what was meant. But the establishment, that includes our media like TV and such does not do a lot to make life as smooth as possible. Let’s take the newest advertised series called Anne Boleyn. Did anyone know that Anne Boleyn was a coloured lady? I must say it is an interesting view on history of course and I wonder where C4 (that’s the station) did their history lessons? Probably at Eton I suppose. Obviously I am aware like everybody else that racism is about but this surely is the reverse? Or are we now rewriting our history because the Wokestan ultra liberal luvvies don’t like it? Wokestan used to be called London but London as we knew it is no more. Our new national capital now is Cardiff or if it isn’t it should be! Even so I like the look of the new Anne Boleyn. Just wondering if she knows she’s going to lose her head?

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Building frenzy? What building frenzy...

You know what worries me? The government’s mealy-mouthed approach to homes for the people. You hear a lot about ‘We must build more affordable homes’. Really! If there are builders who want to build ‘affordable homes’ you would not want guys like that ever repairing yours! Because in too many instances ‘affordable homes’ really stands for ’mediocre secondary quality’ homes. Now we have heard that the government wants to wrench local council control of planning matters away and make it, what I would say is, a ‘Free for all’. In other words, open up the country including national parks to developers. It is rather sad that diverse government departments do not work together. In fact I would say they are ‘enemies’ of each other. One states we need more and more homes, millions by the sound of it and another says we need more forests! Yet another says, ‘We have no money’. We have to start thinking – what happens if we literally concrete Britain over? What then for diversity? Has anyone ever thought what rain, and rain is getting more and heavier, does do to the remaining land? Yes, erodes it ten times faster. It is one of the reasons why flooding now happens on a regular basis. Concrete jungles do not soak up rain. Humans have to begin thinking about what our lives are supposed to be like. Will we want to live in a rich diverse world where trees and plants flower profusely, insects buzz around and animals freely roam their spaces? Or will we live in a chemically controlled world where we only see wasps, rats and fight an ever increasing plastic menace. Where we stroll around endless streets but only by day because during the night another type of human being roams, pretty well like the Morlocks of the Time Machine. Aren’t we doing well? Hmmmm....

Friday, 14 May 2021

Hello, new non-binary world!

HaHaHaHaHa, OMG, what next in this woke country? I love it, it is better than one of those great episodes in ‘It aint Half Hot Mum’! Do you understand what I’m saying ‘Lovely boy’?

Imagine now Windsor Davies (The sergeant) saying to one of the soldiers ‘Hey you, non-binary git, stand up you, twinkle toes’. Plus the media storm following that. Yes, I am so happy to be a gender recognisable person, well at least I recognised myself when I took my pants off and thought ‘What the ‘ell is that then?’ But recognition dawned and I remembered.

Am I sorry to have been born a man? Like ‘ell I am. Of course I now need my passport altered because the new non-EU ones will have a whole page in it that will show all the possible gender possibles. We will have Male, Non-male, Possibly Male, I thought I was male but not sure, Female, Non-Female, Possibly Female, Binary, Non-Binary, Possibly Binary, amongst many others. I think we should have separate entry points in stations, in trains, trams and buses and different coloured taxis in Wokestan (previously known as London).

All non-binary citizens will be able to apply for double benefits because the government cannot or will not decide either way. But I would advise all such citizens beware the taxman! Oh sorry, it could be taxwoman, taxnon-binary, taxbinary, taxpossiblebinary, taxIdon’tknoworwhatIam. Welcome to our brave new woke world!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Hearing the drum of incredulity, again...

This country has absolutely lost its credibility. Just watching Countryfile (a TV ecological/farming programme) talking to some people who are planning spaceports. Not just one, no siree, quite a few, Cornwall, Scotland, even in the National Park of Snowdonia. Let me just say this, all talk about reaching for the stars is baloney. It is just not possible. I have heard otherwise sane people talking about, ‘Ah yes, not possible today, but tomorrow anything is possible’. 

The question that needs asking is - why bother? What benefit is this going to have? The nearest star is over 4 light years away. I am not going to bore you explaining that beside telling you, if you left today with your wife, your descendants 200 years hence might see Alpha Centauri. You also might find out they will not discover habitable planets. Because they are dead from cosmic radiation. Humanity might reach and colonise Mars but we cannot really live there unless shielded behind miles of rock. In the meantime we will be poisoning our atmosphere with more and more CO2, each rocket can put 100,000 tons of the gas in to the air. Not just the rocket itself but all the production, material preparation, everything you now can see on Cape Canaveral. The groundwork and all the associated rubbish that is needed to get a few tons in the air. People also forget watching television, the way we do this work today has already put thousands of tonnes of CO2 in the air to put up all these satellites! Not just that, adding to the tonnes of discarded metal in space now surrounding the planet.

It should be pretty obvious by now that space is not the answer. At least not until we have sorted out our proclivity to produce billions of tonnes of CO2 and plastic refuse. Let’s drop these planning applications now! We do not need spaceports in Cornwall or Scotland and certainly not in Snowdonia!

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Hurray for Wokestan, they just lost the plot, eh I meant election...

Aren’t elections exciting? You never will really know beforehand what is going to happen. Who would have thought that Labour was going to be dumped, and in such an easy manner. We are not talking London of course. London actually is not part of the UK, it is a total anachronism. The wokest of the woke! In other words London is a country all by itself, called Wokestan. Wokestanners have a different brain. That brain does not recognise there are other people in the world, or even other countries. For a Wokestaner everything outside the M.25 circular is like the planet Mars to everybody else. So, London is probably the only region now that votes Labour. It just shows the mindset of a Londoner. There was some talk about re-organising the Civil Service but I think like a lot of other things, good talk, bad action! Nevertheless things have not ended just yet, the main government has a few years to run. So, we will wait with abated breath! In the meantime the Conservatives have had a very good election. Labour did not. Plaid Cymru, my party in good ol' Wales was abysmal. So, what went so wrong? Well, just about everything. Looking at the election leaflets, Plaid was not much different from everyone else. Covid had an input of course, Welsh Labour had done reasonably well in that. But it was on the back of decisions made in Westminster! The idea of independence did not make a resounding argument and I think it needs rethinking. 

In Wales Labour is still enjoying that 30’s feeling of hard working miners who had to be defended at all costs against the dastardly English companies who were sucking the people dry. Labour then was the champion of the people. The South Walians still have that feeling that Labour is the party that helps them. Of course, it is nothing of the sort! But South Walians are obstinate people, great and loyal. That is why Labour still holds the chair in Wales coupled with what a lot of people have -  the 'My father voted Labour, so I do as well' syndrome. 

Generally speaking Labour nationally today is no more than a party led by woke lefties who have had a university degree in home-economics or better still, performing arts. Most of whom live in Wokestan (London for the uninitiated). Labour have lost the respect of those self-same hard working people who do not know whether they can afford this month’s rent or whether their job will still be theirs. Labour was and is more interested in trivia in the belief that a dockworker from Hartlepool or anywhere else is totally interested in whether the PM has the right curtains for his flat. They just mutter ‘What the f...?

Indeed, who cares! I have indicated before there is something wrong with politicians in this country, media-obsessed, apologising for everything under the sun that smells of colour. Gender and colour based politics do not work unless you are living in Wokestan. Hard working men and women just have not got time for that. The obsession to get, no must have, 50% all female political parties, government departments, and just about everywhere and everything else is wrong. What about capability? What about the best person for the job? If it is a female who is best for a particular position then chose her. If not, look again. Just stop with this equalisation of everything. I am a HE not an IT! ITs live in Wokestan and by Jove, leave them there and chain them to the floor of their atmospherically enhanced, pink curtained air-conditioned flats. But don't forget to feed them now and again.

 I thank you!

Monday, 3 May 2021

Annibyniaeth neu Deyrnas Unedig? Dim ateb eto....

Dyn ni wedi bod siarad am annibyniaeth yn Gymru am beth amser. Yn y lle cyntaf ro’n i ddim yn si┼Ár achos ble mae’r arian, eh? Does dim unrhyw ddiwydiannau mawr gyda’n ni. Heblaw yn Porth Talbot yn y de. Gwneuthurwyr dur wrth gwrs. Mae llawer o swyddfaoedd yng Nghaerdydd wrth gwrs, ond a fydd hyn yn ddigon i dalu Llundain am gynnal yr amddiffyniad? A felly, o ble fyddwn ni’n cael trethi i dalu’r gwleidyddion? Mae Plaid Cymru yn dweud y gallwn fforddio bod yn annibynnol nawr. Ond wn i ddim. Cwestiwn doniol a beth am breindal, y Frenhines, tywysogion a thywysogesau ac hefyd llysoedd brenhinol! Eto beth allwn ni ei allforio nawr yn enwedig i’r Undeb Ewropeaidd? Dim ond cig oen? Efallai cig eidon neu porc?

Yn amlwg bydd twristiaid yn bwysig nawr ac yn y dyfodol. Ond a ydd yn ddigon? Cwestiwn dda!

Felly, does dim cwestiwn am all Cymru oroesi annibyniaeth ond y cwestiwn am pam nawr. Rydym adeiladu llawer o dai ar hyn o bryd. Ond nid oes angen ac mae cymaint o bobl o Loegr bellach yn symud i Gymru. Hefyd oherwydd bod y tai yn rhatach iawn! Nawr mae pobl iau lleol yn cael eu prisio allan o brynu eu cartref eu hunain. Os byddwn ni pleidleisio Plaid Cymru fe fyddwn cymorth yr etholiad ‘ma ac atal bobl cymryd mantais o Gymru!

Baloney because of Blarney?

Has anyone ever wondered why political parties need so many people at times to deliver leaflets, knock doors, canvass? Perhaps we as voters need to be persuaded to vote? One might wonder why that is so? Could it be disillusionment? One might wonder but I think it is the general feeling that it is all a waste of time and money. Things do not get better, politicians do not stand up for anyone despite boldly acclaiming they do. Has anyone got the feeling that we are ‘Moving forward’? Well, Welsh Labour does! But I’m thinking at best we are pretty stationary! You have to forgive me people but when a political party that has been in power here for over twenty years is claiming that they will generate a ‘greener’ country I have to ask where have they been these last twenty years? Asleep? Never heard of global warming? Melting icecaps? This can be blamed on all political parties, except the Greens perhaps. Looking at all the party leaflets that came through my front-door you would think that we actually live in Utopia already. Read this: ‘There is so much to be optimistic about in Wales’. Yes, but speak to the people of the Rhondda where industry has disappeared like snow before a summer sun. Where hundreds have died of a disease that should never have happened. Where thousands have lost their jobs because of political dithering. Anyone else feeling optimistic? Political talk is just fancy pants. You might not know this but all aspiring politicians have to do a trip first, a trip to Ireland, to Blarney Castle where they are taught to kiss the Blarney stone. They will be held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlements. The prize is a real one as once kissed the stone bestows the gift of eloquence. Indeed, but they forget to tell you what type of eloquence! From then on, all politicians good or bad, are eloquent in baloney from Blarney. It might have been better if those who hold them by the ankles had a sneezing fit. Sorry, I did not say this! You might have guessed it already - I have been to Blarney Castle AND kissed the stone! Fortunately though I am not a politician and the person who held me was (and still is) my wife! AND she did not have a sneezing fit!

Edit - Baloney is an English slang word for rubbish, rubbish talk. The Oxford Dictionary says - foolish talk, nonsense. Spot on, baby!

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Is the UK prosecution mad? Hmmmm....

 I often wonder about the British relish for court cases where they 'try' soldiers who have killed civilians or other unknown characters. In Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and others, perhaps the Falklands too. I am waiting for court cases where British soldiers will be tried for killing Argentinian soldiers. What is the matter with this woke country? Look, it is relatively simple, we have soldiers that defend the interests of this nation. That may happen locally or internationally.

This will be done on the instigation of those well-known half-wits called politicians. Things happen in battles that ordinarily would not happen. We must get away from the idea that you can win a war by waving a small flag saying 'Sweets for free here'. I am not a pacifist, I have been in the army. Not the UK but on the continent. It is not really a world of or for pansies. But I am not a warmonger either. I would prefer peace but a proper peace not the usual shambolic package that today's politicians seem to prefer. Again, soldiers do the work set for them by politicians, if you want to prosecute anyone then prosecute them. It is an absolute disgrace that we prosecute military personnel who defended the will of the majority in Northern Ireland and who killed intentionally or accidentally, civilians. Intentionally because those individuals were engaged in insurrections or accidentally because they simply came in the firing line. Besides, those persons even children, could be killed or injured by either party. 

We need to dismantle this judicial process that allows unscrupulous fee-chasing lawyers a free ride. Human greed will always win out. Let's stop, ditch that system immediately, not tomorrow but today!