Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Who is lying? Oh, it could be me...

 So, now we hear Boris PM has been lying. Mind you that’s according to the Labour party. I just cannot believe how low politics has sunk. First of all, Boris does not own those rooms as far as I know. It is government property. So, he has the use of it as long as he is PM. I would expect that all repairs are also the responsibility of the government. So why create such fuss? Boris is one of the better PMs we have had. Anyone remember John Major “I have not had sex with Edwina” Major? Or Tony “Yes, Iraq has weapons of mass-destruction” Blair? Or even Gordon “ I did not sell all the UK’s gold” Brown? Yes, we really are blessed to have had such persons of quality and truthfulness. That’s why we should be grateful to have as PM someone who is blustery, knows what Covid does to the body, like to tramp around the streets thinking it’s good for the health, forgetting of course the air quality of London will kill you if you run more than a kilometre. But right is right, he (Boris) had the ear of the Red Wall and rightly so. Labour today is a complete shambles. Their election literature here in Wales has not changed since 1066 when William the Conqueror told them to stand up for him. And standing up they have mentioned ever since without knowing what it means. Moving Wales Forward is another great slogan, but where are we moving to and how? No-one knows, not even the lovely candidates when asked. So, it is an exhilarating time to be sure. Oh, hang on, we just started moving forward, just put on your seat-belts folks, Labour is at the helm!

So, ditch this posturing please Mr Labour leader and get onto the more pressing problems we all are facing. Not least Covid-19 and its aftermath. 

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