Saturday, 24 April 2021

The chickens coming home to roost?

You might be forgiven if you thought that politics in Britain is a fun-packed, serious business developed for helping the under-privileged and down-trodden. It is nothing of the sort. It is an institution developed to maintain the advantages, privileges and status of just about 1 or 2% of the population. The type of people within that bubble are called politicians, their home is a rat-infested pile called the House. It is of course nothing of the sort, it is not a house, it is a dormitory where sodden whisky guzzling old people saunter about trying to remember who they were supposed to vote for or what!

Ah, now that I have got that off my chest, I can start thinking normal again. Obviously there are some interesting, well-educated, well-meaning people there but let’s look at the latest shenanigans here. Remember a chap called Cummings? Yeah, ‘friend’ of the PM, Boris loved him and Cummings was the bright mind that would sort all the UK’s problems with Brexit. Steely-eyed hawk. Then Cummings baby made a gaffe. He travelled for some arcane reason to see a few ducks in Yorkshire while everyone else was sitting at home wearing face-masks. He had to be sacked. PM Boris did not stand by him. OK case closed, but no, case not closed. Cummings was thought to be the originator of some spurious news about the awarding or not awarding of contracts to an eminent inventor of some space machinery that looks like a vacuum cleaner. This gentleman I hasten to add, has not done anything that could be classified as wrong. But the PM had indicated that there would be taxation advantages. Right, in my opinion he was probably entitled to do so, although it probably would depend on how he had actually said it and intended it to work. Obviously as the usual outcome for the Labour party is to jump on this sort of juicy news, Cummings now has struck back at his ‘friend’ saying he lied. Wow, bombshell gone off.

End of story? Not on your nellie, this will run for weeks. The sad bit here is that we are likely to be embroiled in political infighting when there are important issues facing the country. Least of all, Covid and its cost to the nation. It seems to me that Boris or his aides made a mistake that might cost him. The best thing PM Boris can now do is to distance himself, and not go into tit-for-tat arguments. Drop it Boris and start thinking how to solve the Covid crisis! And that goes for you, Sir Keir too!

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