Thursday, 22 April 2021

Survival of the fittest! Who could that be....

The duplicity of the human race is quite astounding! In fact even on a local basis, like the UK, it is pretty astounding we still do not understand the peril we all are facing! The papers are full of ‘Time to get sloshed again’, ‘Summer hols in Europe for millions’, 'Let’s get to the pub and see who’s first!’. And so on. In the mean time real news items such as the collapsed ice berg the size of Wales now completely disintegrated, is just a rumble in the distance and most likely not even registered in the dull, beer-soaked British brain. What will it take to start real action to combat the climate heating up? Disappearing islands in the Pacific? Accelerated coastal erosion? In Wales the garden of a coastal house has disappeared into the choppy Irish Sea. More to come I suspect. The next big storm from the wrong direction will flood many coastal communities. The Norfolk coast is reducing by yards every year! Fishing in the North Sea might have to be banned as whales are migrating further and further north. Fish is escaping the warmer water they cannot tolerate. Reports of disappearing species are coming in day by day. How far are we allowing this to continue? Just so we and the rats are the only living things on the planet? I don’t like the taste of rats but the rats might like the taste of humans! Just think of that, it will be a fight for survival.

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