Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Do we need more houses?

In the UK there appears to be a shortage of houses. Not a new problem obviously, you only have to look at the population increase since WW2 or if you want to, even further back than that to know that this is a perennial problem. Indeed, but there are some questions that need asking about how the weird wonders of Westminster are going to solve this? It seems that the main solution is just to build more and more houses. Now, if you live in say, northern Africa you could build millions of homes on the mostly empty desert but if you live in an already very populated country like the UK then other problems arise. First of all the question of natural habitat depletion, are humans the only animals on the planet? Do human needs go beyond everything and above all other needs of species alive on the planet? Including greenery such as trees? Looking at policy making it seems that those needs are completely disregarded. Council and government planners have only one aim, give developers the green light to concrete over the UK as fast as possible. This will actually do two things, it will make landowners rich and it will attract yet more immigrants. Just look at the way things are today already. The population of the UK in 1945 was about 45million, now it is 67million. It is projected to become 80million by 2050. These are astounding figures and throw up some interesting questions such as employment, density of OAP’s (if we can continue to pay pensioners or even continue with the idea of retirement). To house that sort of numbers would indicate that we will have to abandon the idea of green belts. There is simply not enough room. The population of London will virtually double. Another question would have to be solved if at all possible, that of food supply. Well, the politicians have an answer, import it. The usual short-term answer walking away from questions like ‘What if countries that supply foodstuffs no longer will or can? We still have time to address such questions and look for possible solutions, but time is short, very short.

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