Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Cummingsgate is here...hurrah!

We go a bit further on the Cummings saga as in my previous post I said it would go for weeks. And here we go, it might be the end of bubbly Boris. Remember Watergate? No? The saga of Nixon and lies galore. All to do with the ‘I didn’t say that’ and ‘No, I didn’t do it’. It is funny that politicians feel the need for transparency (a keyword nowadays) whilst at the same time trying to hide their own wrongs. But now we have Cummingsgate. Cummings a man we had never heard of suddenly come to the fore because he had the ear of Boris. The Lord knows why Boris felt the need to have people like Cummings as an aide, you would have thought that Boris himself had a good pulse on the nation. Well, so be it but he now has to pay the price. There no such thing as a grateful person who has been sacked. On top of it, Cummings was and probably still is, someone who thinks rules are for others. In other words, he is always right, you are wrong. Boris did the right thing, he simply had to let him go. However by doing that Boris should have known what was likely to come. So, mistake number two. You might ask if it was Carrie (PM’s consort) who made the moves, that was mistake number three. A PM just should not make such errors of judgement and if he was advised then I think it might be time to have a look at the clique surrounding number 10!

I might add, what in all honesty are we arguing about? A bit of re-decoration? People please get real! Even so at this stage I might implore Boris to say now how he paid for it and whether anyone else provided the money and get it over and done with. Silence Cummings, make him ambassador to North Korea. Give him two gongs and a Sekonda watch before going and warn him that Kim might want to eat him. Good riddance!

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