Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Cummingsgate is here...hurrah!

We go a bit further on the Cummings saga as in my previous post I said it would go for weeks. And here we go, it might be the end of bubbly Boris. Remember Watergate? No? The saga of Nixon and lies galore. All to do with the ‘I didn’t say that’ and ‘No, I didn’t do it’. It is funny that politicians feel the need for transparency (a keyword nowadays) whilst at the same time trying to hide their own wrongs. But now we have Cummingsgate. Cummings a man we had never heard of suddenly come to the fore because he had the ear of Boris. The Lord knows why Boris felt the need to have people like Cummings as an aide, you would have thought that Boris himself had a good pulse on the nation. Well, so be it but he now has to pay the price. There no such thing as a grateful person who has been sacked. On top of it, Cummings was and probably still is, someone who thinks rules are for others. In other words, he is always right, you are wrong. Boris did the right thing, he simply had to let him go. However by doing that Boris should have known what was likely to come. So, mistake number two. You might ask if it was Carrie (PM’s consort) who made the moves, that was mistake number three. A PM just should not make such errors of judgement and if he was advised then I think it might be time to have a look at the clique surrounding number 10!

I might add, what in all honesty are we arguing about? A bit of re-decoration? People please get real! Even so at this stage I might implore Boris to say now how he paid for it and whether anyone else provided the money and get it over and done with. Silence Cummings, make him ambassador to North Korea. Give him two gongs and a Sekonda watch before going and warn him that Kim might want to eat him. Good riddance!

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Who is lying? Oh, it could be me...

 So, now we hear Boris PM has been lying. Mind you that’s according to the Labour party. I just cannot believe how low politics has sunk. First of all, Boris does not own those rooms as far as I know. It is government property. So, he has the use of it as long as he is PM. I would expect that all repairs are also the responsibility of the government. So why create such fuss? Boris is one of the better PMs we have had. Anyone remember John Major “I have not had sex with Edwina” Major? Or Tony “Yes, Iraq has weapons of mass-destruction” Blair? Or even Gordon “ I did not sell all the UK’s gold” Brown? Yes, we really are blessed to have had such persons of quality and truthfulness. That’s why we should be grateful to have as PM someone who is blustery, knows what Covid does to the body, like to tramp around the streets thinking it’s good for the health, forgetting of course the air quality of London will kill you if you run more than a kilometre. But right is right, he (Boris) had the ear of the Red Wall and rightly so. Labour today is a complete shambles. Their election literature here in Wales has not changed since 1066 when William the Conqueror told them to stand up for him. And standing up they have mentioned ever since without knowing what it means. Moving Wales Forward is another great slogan, but where are we moving to and how? No-one knows, not even the lovely candidates when asked. So, it is an exhilarating time to be sure. Oh, hang on, we just started moving forward, just put on your seat-belts folks, Labour is at the helm!

So, ditch this posturing please Mr Labour leader and get onto the more pressing problems we all are facing. Not least Covid-19 and its aftermath. 

Saturday, 24 April 2021

The chickens coming home to roost?

You might be forgiven if you thought that politics in Britain is a fun-packed, serious business developed for helping the under-privileged and down-trodden. It is nothing of the sort. It is an institution developed to maintain the advantages, privileges and status of just about 1 or 2% of the population. The type of people within that bubble are called politicians, their home is a rat-infested pile called the House. It is of course nothing of the sort, it is not a house, it is a dormitory where sodden whisky guzzling old people saunter about trying to remember who they were supposed to vote for or what!

Ah, now that I have got that off my chest, I can start thinking normal again. Obviously there are some interesting, well-educated, well-meaning people there but let’s look at the latest shenanigans here. Remember a chap called Cummings? Yeah, ‘friend’ of the PM, Boris loved him and Cummings was the bright mind that would sort all the UK’s problems with Brexit. Steely-eyed hawk. Then Cummings baby made a gaffe. He travelled for some arcane reason to see a few ducks in Yorkshire while everyone else was sitting at home wearing face-masks. He had to be sacked. PM Boris did not stand by him. OK case closed, but no, case not closed. Cummings was thought to be the originator of some spurious news about the awarding or not awarding of contracts to an eminent inventor of some space machinery that looks like a vacuum cleaner. This gentleman I hasten to add, has not done anything that could be classified as wrong. But the PM had indicated that there would be taxation advantages. Right, in my opinion he was probably entitled to do so, although it probably would depend on how he had actually said it and intended it to work. Obviously as the usual outcome for the Labour party is to jump on this sort of juicy news, Cummings now has struck back at his ‘friend’ saying he lied. Wow, bombshell gone off.

End of story? Not on your nellie, this will run for weeks. The sad bit here is that we are likely to be embroiled in political infighting when there are important issues facing the country. Least of all, Covid and its cost to the nation. It seems to me that Boris or his aides made a mistake that might cost him. The best thing PM Boris can now do is to distance himself, and not go into tit-for-tat arguments. Drop it Boris and start thinking how to solve the Covid crisis! And that goes for you, Sir Keir too!

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Survival of the fittest! Who could that be....

The duplicity of the human race is quite astounding! In fact even on a local basis, like the UK, it is pretty astounding we still do not understand the peril we all are facing! The papers are full of ‘Time to get sloshed again’, ‘Summer hols in Europe for millions’, 'Let’s get to the pub and see who’s first!’. And so on. In the mean time real news items such as the collapsed ice berg the size of Wales now completely disintegrated, is just a rumble in the distance and most likely not even registered in the dull, beer-soaked British brain. What will it take to start real action to combat the climate heating up? Disappearing islands in the Pacific? Accelerated coastal erosion? In Wales the garden of a coastal house has disappeared into the choppy Irish Sea. More to come I suspect. The next big storm from the wrong direction will flood many coastal communities. The Norfolk coast is reducing by yards every year! Fishing in the North Sea might have to be banned as whales are migrating further and further north. Fish is escaping the warmer water they cannot tolerate. Reports of disappearing species are coming in day by day. How far are we allowing this to continue? Just so we and the rats are the only living things on the planet? I don’t like the taste of rats but the rats might like the taste of humans! Just think of that, it will be a fight for survival.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Do we need more houses?

In the UK there appears to be a shortage of houses. Not a new problem obviously, you only have to look at the population increase since WW2 or if you want to, even further back than that to know that this is a perennial problem. Indeed, but there are some questions that need asking about how the weird wonders of Westminster are going to solve this? It seems that the main solution is just to build more and more houses. Now, if you live in say, northern Africa you could build millions of homes on the mostly empty desert but if you live in an already very populated country like the UK then other problems arise. First of all the question of natural habitat depletion, are humans the only animals on the planet? Do human needs go beyond everything and above all other needs of species alive on the planet? Including greenery such as trees? Looking at policy making it seems that those needs are completely disregarded. Council and government planners have only one aim, give developers the green light to concrete over the UK as fast as possible. This will actually do two things, it will make landowners rich and it will attract yet more immigrants. Just look at the way things are today already. The population of the UK in 1945 was about 45million, now it is 67million. It is projected to become 80million by 2050. These are astounding figures and throw up some interesting questions such as employment, density of OAP’s (if we can continue to pay pensioners or even continue with the idea of retirement). To house that sort of numbers would indicate that we will have to abandon the idea of green belts. There is simply not enough room. The population of London will virtually double. Another question would have to be solved if at all possible, that of food supply. Well, the politicians have an answer, import it. The usual short-term answer walking away from questions like ‘What if countries that supply foodstuffs no longer will or can? We still have time to address such questions and look for possible solutions, but time is short, very short.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Is woke being awake? Probably not...

Before I write anything else, I am sad to say the UK has lost one of the greatest persons that have walked on our sacred soil for some time! His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, Consort to the Queen (and husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather) has gone to the high abodes. This is not strange as he was 99 years old but it needs to be said he was a great example of what married life should be. Serving his liege and nation to the very end with unswerving loyalty. I take my hat off, well done great and faithful servant. 

Some Lib-Dem party members are aghast at the bile being spouted about what I term liberal leftie wokism. They do not like it up ‘m, as they say. How do I know? I used to be a party member but left aghast at the ideas they promoted. The problem is this, Liberals do not see the real issues. They look at the human race through rose-tinted spectacles. I have no problem with thinking great things, in my dreams I too see Utopia except I know that the human animal is indeed just an animal. Some two-thousand years ago a guy walked around called Yeshua although around here better known as Jesus, saying that love is all that matters. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be truthful. I do not term that liberalism but common sense. Again though the problem is the same, people generally are just not like that or behave like that. The whole financial/economic systems are based on the human habit of greed, on the ‘I am better than you’, and ‘I deserve more’ platforms. These are actually natural inborn traits. Nature is based on the strongest will survive. But – and there is always a but – as we have a brain that can think in abstracts, it can think ahead (i.e a future so that it can calculate possible outcomes of actions) it would be good to develop society in such a way that we fit in with nature and do not make nature fit in with humanity. Because that is a recipe for disaster, as we already can see with Covid-19.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Politicians rule (or do they?) - Ask Boris....don't ask Keir

Now all know my aversion to politicians. It is funny really because I usually like the person they are in normal life. But as soon as they put on the mantle of politics, and become the ‘official’ saviour of mankind, I detest that persona. I know quite a few politicians and indeed when they are away from the ‘Office’ so to say, they are great people. But in the ‘Office’ they are idiots. Blabbering on about how they would safe us from criminals, they would deport them immediately. Sexual depravity would be punished by life sentences. Just listen you silly little people, we, politicians, know best! Unfortunately the reality shows up differently.

People cannot be reported because fee chasing lawyers put up innumerable appeals. Sex offenders walk the streets, even in the locality where they committed these offences. Think of Rochdale! Life sentences usually mean you are let off within ten years or even less for ‘good’ behaviour. All these ‘rules’, are measures made by politicians. I have to be honest because there are some good politicians. As I said before in other posts, one word, one noun does not always mean all individuals that bear the name. Although we might start thinking whether the ‘bad’uns are holding sway, drowning out the ‘good’uns! I think one of the problems politicians suffer is the belief that people that shout loud should be listened to. That their ideas are ideas held by everyone. The fact that those who shout loudest are usually a tiny minority escapes these selfsame politicians. As an outcome laws are made that seemingly ‘favour’ minorities. Take the Human Rights Act(s), an interesting concoction of melodramatic political views that are devoid of any real meaning as far as humans are concerned. The one thing seen is criminals benefitting. For me, man in the street, it has no meaning at all. Consistently those who suffer criminal acts are completely disregarded, like they have no rights at all. The universal rule of equality does not govern planet Earth. Ms Priti, one of the ‘good’uns has a fight on her hands, well let’s see how long she will be a politician! The liberal leftie London concoction might be a drink laced with arsenic!

Friday, 2 April 2021

Is it a funny world or what?

The media, newspapers, TV Reports, scientific journals are all full of talk about the state of the planet. Global warming, plastic in the environment, cars and planes belching out lovely gases we all enjoy. It is undeniably true that human activity is the cause. But most of us, man and woman in the street haven’t a clue what is going on. Besides, possibly don’t even care. This was pretty visible in some newspapers about the rubbish left behind, plastics, left-over foodstuffs, even faeces (sh*t in the vernacular). Well, if you have to go, you have to go, don’t you. It has become a pastime now, go to an illegal rave and have a sh*t. Lovely. Something to talk about with friends. And it is not just here either. My friends from abroad whom I correspond with via Signal, yes Whatsapp is a goner now, part of Facebook, ask me what is the matter with the mindset of British youth nowadays? I replied, protesting on the streets about so-called racism, facts of which they have no idea about whatsoever, quoting Britain’s past and telling everyone Churchill was one of ‘m. Mind you, the world is full of idiots. The UK seems to have a fair few of ‘m here too. It might be something to do with a virus. Not sure which one though. But it attacks the brain. It gives you delusions of grandeur, look at Merkel and Macron. But there again, everyone knows my ideas about the standard and quality of today’s politicians. You have to forgive Macron, he’s just a Frenchman, croaking his way around. Poor Mutti Merkel is already on the way out, had her AstraZeneca shot and telling everyone else it won’t work for the over 65’s. Well yes, that’ll help the stockpiles. Did I tell you before we’re living in a funny world? Not sure now anymore if the planet still revolves around the sun. It could be a mirage.

Ed. Mutti might have had another vaccine, she has been reported for almost anything about the virus problem besieging Germany and Europe as a whole. She was mentioned to want Sputnik V (guess where that comes from). You might want to reflect on the reasons why politicians say these things. It is basically simple, Take it or Leave it, then Shut-up.