Monday, 15 March 2021

Royal problems....

Just to clarify this before someone says it – no, I am not particularly known to be a royalist. But I do think that the royal family has had a bit of a rough time lately. First of all, as humans they will have to suffer the same ills as we all do. Moreover, as they occupy a position of power, even though it is mostly invisible to us street-dwellers, anything they do outside the daily norm can have an immediate media reaction. Prince Andrew, bless his cotton socks, is a case in point. He may or may not have done the things a lot of people are accusing him off, he might be better off to stand up with evidence. It seems to me this will not go away for some time. Couples will fall out with each other, royals are not exempt. As some in the media seem to suggest, if that is so what is the use of royals? If we are to look up to them as personification of all that is calm and good then they are not a particularly good example?

Well, I disagree, presidents can also fall foul of the media? Remember a not-so distant US president? But if the royal family wants to be looked upon as a calming, patient, stabilising, example of how a society should behave then yes it would be better if they could control better the human failings we can all suffer from.

Again, when we say royals it does not mean all of them. It should be clear that the Queen is the ideal example of calmness, poise and grace. And so are prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. So, I think I might be a royalist after all!

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