Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Racism? What is that now again?

Is it just me or are lots of Americans a bit, shall we say loopy? I have been reading the doe-eyed opinions of a certain Duchess and thought – What the......? Here is someone who seemed to have thought ‘Hey, my being a low-ranking(!) two-bit soap star is not really to my taste, what can I do now? And here we are, but what did we expect? The American psyche is exactly like this, it’s all about money and celebrity. The preening cockatoos of Hollywood are the example. If you are not ‘bankable’ in the US of A you tend to end up in the gutter. In the meantime the accusations have started flying. But here is the thing, in all families there are problems, the Royals are human just like the rest of us mudskippers. The accusations made are typically American claptrap, all about ratings and of course, big cash! Ms Duchess talked about those ‘nasty’ courtiers but forgot to mention how she was coached before the ‘Interview’. It will be denied but you do not make such programs without preparation! Lastly to leave the UK because of racism is the biggest laugh of all, as they left for the biggest racist nation of all time!

Ed Poor Piers Morgan - I don't think he is that poor. But we must remember this - he is as I am entitled to his opinion and free speech. Unless we are not aware that free speech is no longer allowed. If he is thinking and speaking about his opinion that the Duchess is not correct in her accusations and revelations then so be it. Let's see some absolute proof then. Neither side in this family feud can say or recollect exactly what is what and who is who. In the end it doesn't really matter all that much. Whilst I might not be the strongest of royalists or a lover of aristocrats generally, to blast about opinions that you know can not be challenged is not really all that clever. The Palace will not respond  about internal strife, just putting out what we already have seen. So, let it rest there and hope that the Duchess finds that private life she so desperately wants. Best then not to get into the hands of the voracious US chat hosts then, innit?

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