Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Is my mental health like your mental health?

This morning I woke in a country that has become more woke than I am feeling right now. Referring to poor Piers Morgan feeling that he has no future with ITV. It does not surprise me of course because our institutions , the BBC, ITV, the Government, local and national, and all sorts of other society establishments are now so deeply stuck in trying to outdo each other in denouncing words, change everything from white to black, including history and have invented a new way to say you’re not coming to work. You have a problem with mental health! But what IS mental health? Depression? Then I have it. I am depressed mostly by humanity not seeing how it actually is busy destroying the very place it needs to survive. I am depressed by the young people in particular who want to go back to ‘normal’ without seeing what their ‘normal’ is doing. Flying to Spain for a p*ss-up on the beach watching the nude frolics of others is the new ‘normal’? Taking sleeping tablets or sniff nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is the new ‘normal’? In my small Rhondda valley town there are hundreds of these small canisters all over the public parking places. The local community hall had to chain and lock their parking lot because the rubbish left was so bad. Day in day out drug deals are made. Yes, this is Wales, in fact it happens all over the western world. These are the young people who are vociferously bawling about plastic in rivers, seas and oceans, but who throw rubbish on the street without any problem, who protest about global warming blah, blah, blah. So forgive me for displaying my mental health. I just like the word. Nevertheless I am aware that there are problems with mental health, I am not stupid. But I also think the word is mis-used. 

Hwyl am y tro, a fydda i’n ceisio sgrifennu bost yng Nghymraeg nesa (gobeithio).Ond yn gyntaf, dw i’n moyn ddarllen am broblemau gyda theulu brenhinol lleol a'u problemau meddyliol, oh yeah!

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