Wednesday, 24 March 2021

How to engage Brain?

Anyone ever heard this adage? "Before opening mouth, first engage brain"? You might think, ah that’s good for other people I am alright, I am well adjusted and careful about what I say! Yes, indeed and so did our esteemed Prime Minister, the famous battle-scarred Boris.

He is well known to make some gaffes in the spoken word and the latest one reported is about saying off the cuff ‘Greed is what gave Britain the Covid vaccine first’. That’s a nice one Boris. That must have tickled the German EU bear cub Ursula pink! It shows though that politicians who play for high stakes would be well advised to carefully weigh their words. The vaccine situation in Europe is perilous, taking that the EU was pretty slow out of the starting blocks and appeared to have waited to see what the vaccine was doing in the UK and then came out with some ludicrous idea that the vaccine was not working for the over-65’s! Whoever came up with that semi-illiterate remark should be sent to Siberia forthwith. Look at it, if the vaccine works for humans under 50’s, it will work for any age pending health questions like asthma and resistance factors. But generally speaking statistically the vaccine works for humans. So the lovely Boris bless his little heart, should be careful not to inflame anti-British sentiment across the water. The EU is still smarting about losing the Brexit war. But we do still need each other. It needs to be remembered! If we want a world for all to live good lives we need each other. Remember that Boris and you too Ursula!

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