Sunday, 14 March 2021

Healthy planet or not? That's a question....

On this bright and sunny Sunday morning it is good to look at the immediate environment. Looking at the quality of the streets when taking a short stroll you cannot help but thinking how do people live, what do they expect from life, their existence. When I see the detritus left behind on the streets, mostly plastics like cellophane from all sorts of packaging, or left-over fast food thrown away. A Sunday morning breakfast for the jackdaws and rats. It is easy to blame it on young people. The problem as always is generalisation. Young people does not mean all young people. When you say ‘people’ it does not mean the whole 7 billion that are on the planet. I have been critical of young people. In fact I suppose I should have said ‘careless young people’ or simply ‘careless people’. But and this is important to understand, it is that particular segment, the ‘careless’ people who set the tone. If 25% of the UK population do not care about the environment then we are in trouble. As a school governor I know that teachers do talk and teach about the environment a lot. Yet reaching the ages of between 12 and 18 a lot of that teaching seems forgotten. Again by ‘some’, not all! I wonder if these wonderful nature programs, David Attenborough et al are actually helpful against degradation of the environment? They show wonderful scenery, healthy animals, lions tearing around and so on but except for some news reports you see little of the damage humans do. I think we need more programs that show the rubbish bits, the damage done by careless political decisions, the planning blunders, the concreting over the landscape. The real damage done to nature by plastic, ALL plastics. It was so unbelievably clear what humans can do when in the national ‘Lock-down’ because of the pandemic, thousands went to beaches and left hundreds of tonnes of rubbish behind. Inclusive personal human waste if you know what I mean. We have a slang word, ‘turds’.

That’s the reality and we should be more open about it, and show more of it on ‘nature’ programs. If we want to be healthy we need a clean planet, not live in a waste-bin.

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