Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Has Doomsday arrived yet?

Sometimes the BBC4 channel broadcasts very good programs. One of these was on Sunday 28th March 2021. Headed by Chris Packham it was about the enormous human population explosion experienced within the last hundred years. In 1960 there were just over 2 billion people on the planet, today just 60 years on there are 7.7 billion! I too have said in previous posts that this number is unsustainable, let alone the number expected to be around in 2050 – 10 billion+! One of the most populated cities in South America, indeed in the world is Sao Paulo – 22 million. The problems already well documented, but there is the water supply. What comes out of the tap you cannot drink. The reservoirs have dried up and the only water that can be found has to be obtained from drilled wells. Chris made a visit to a farm growing soya beans. The owner farmer displayed the usual attitude – there is a market for my produce, it’s growing, I need more land. Chris spoke to a number of people, all were worried about the future. You might now say, OK if you are so worried what are you going to do, what are you prepared to do to fight this? Will you eat less meat? No, was the answer. Will you consume less? Well, you only have to see the consumer society in the UK which is a fraction of the size of Brazil. The rain forests are disappearing, there is no doubt about that. The rains are also disappearing from where they once fell and are now falling in areas where they did not fall before. The whole eco system is changing. Animal species have halved meaning that their predators, microbes, bacteria, diseases are looking for new hosts. Who are the best victims to find? Those who move all across the world, those who live on top of another in their millions? Yes, us. Humans. We are now experiencing diseases we have not heard of before and there will be more. Chris is still hoping that the tide will turn, for myself I am afraid we are too late. The clock just struck twelve. All we can do now is to limit the destruction as much as possible. In that way we may last till the next century. As long as political idiots won’t start WW3!

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