Friday, 26 March 2021

Divorce is fun, or is it?

It’s a funny world, is it not? We are having the one of the worst pandemics in some time with lock-downs, 2 million deaths, businesses going to the wall, whole families disrupted because Daddy is dead and Mummy is out of work or on stand-by. And on the other side we have those calamity organisers also known as politicians, who have been lovely sheltered in their ivory towers. This time not so much the blubbering wasters in the UK but now in Europe. Grandstanding wizards who are looking over their shoulders to see who is guilty of stealing their vaccines! There has not been a better time to see how politicians can mess up almost anything they get their hands on. They always talk a very good talk, the sweetest words, the best of promises but when it gets to action they fail so miserably. Exactly as has been shown in the capitals of Europe. But now instead of gearing up, to spring into action, to get the supply lines sorted out, all they do is more talk, becoming belligerent, it’s not my fault baby, just look across the water to those nasty rats, called Britons, it’s them who are guilty. So, we must do something to stop them injecting their people with OUR vaccine!

Someone said to me sometime ago, Brexit is like a divorce. It can be nasty or it can be civilised. Either way, both lose. He went on to say my neighbours went through a divorce and the husband after his wife said she wanted 50% of everything, cut all the kitchen utensils, furniture, even the fridge and the washing machine in half! Now, I think that’s funny! Even so, the situation in the world needs full cooperation. Squabbling over supplies is not particularly helpful. We need to work out how the WHOLE world will have access, will have the supplies they need to combat this nasty virus. Don’t mess this up people as more will be coming our way in the future. We need professional people who know what has to be done. We do NOT need the Merkel's, Macron's and even the Rutte’s of this world to tell us what to do. Especially not as they haven’t a clue themselves. I just hope they remember to dress up and wash their hands! Although I begin to wonder, maybe they ARE the aliens! Area 51 has been breached, they have escaped! Aliens already rule us!

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