Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Blood-clots? What blood-clots..

The debate about fake news has not gone away of course, you only have to look at the social media outlets. But what strikes me as somewhat important is the news that most European countries have now halted the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. This for fear of it causing blood-clots. Well, I have had mine and am awaiting the second soon. Please forgive me but has it something to do with Brexit? Or should we investigate where this ‘rumour’ started and why and how? I would not put it past sources in Russia and perhaps China as well to start this in order to benefit sales of their own produced vaccine. Frankly it would not surprise me at all. There is still a Cold War going on but hidden from view. As I have said many times, humans are strange animals, ravenous, and violent to extremes. If someone would explain why there were blood-clots after the Pfizer vaccine (which there have been) and compare those statistics with the normal day to day occurrences of blood-clots then perhaps we can lay this to rest? Again, also it shows a worrying trends in the political world where politicians now jump on almost anything that smells of difficulties. Politicians are under scrutiny as never before, mostly thanks to bad management of behaviour and careless media appearances.

Social media has been a political scourge and in a way that’s good. We do want excellent people who know what is what and how to do things properly. No half-baked decision making please, thank you.

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