Friday, 19 March 2021

Apologise! Apologise for what again?

Sometimes we can read some funny stuff on Quora, the Question and Answer website. This one really made me laugh out loud. The question posed was – Should Britain apologise for its imperial past? And the reply (abridged):

Absolutely right we should. That’s fair. We’ll put it on the list of World IOUs for you.You’ll have to wait a while though because we’re waiting for a monster size payment from Italy for the Roman Occupation. We’re also waiting for the cheques to clear from Germany and Scandinavia for all that business about the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Vikings and so forth.

Not forgetting that BIG payout we’re eagerly awaiting from France for the Norman Conquest and the cost of sorting out that little fella, what’s his name again? Apparently, there is talk of another hefty bill to Germany (again) for the little trouble in 1939-45, also naming Russia, Italy (again) and Japan for aiding and abetting.

Although you could argue that the answer was not really answering the question, as it asked should we apologise. Indeed should the Italians apologise for the Romans, should Germany apologise for two world wars? And what about Napoleon then? The French have blood on their hands!

In fact the question is pretty stupid, as for myself I am not apologising for the actions my forefathers have done. A. because I cannot change the history and B. I am not responsible for his or her actions. I am responsible for my own. It is time to put a stop on the continuing drive by liberal woke charlatans to erase history or to make us all guilty of actions over which we had no control. So, if we are going down that route, as indeed the above question and answer show, then let’s look at all the actions and put a financial value on it. I am awaiting with bated breath! Perhaps this is easier than winning the National Lottery!

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